Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Slithery Surprise...

As seen on my patio this week... (photos taken through the window- I'm no dummy!) Actually there was very little to worry about, it's just a garter snake...but he was BIG!
Now this furry behind managed to wedge in around the pillar the following day then would hit the dragonfruit cactus backing she just settled in for a nap! I had to move the plants away and tell her to try again. Now there's a good plant blockade in front of the gap!

Why am I showing you pictures of slithery snakes and furry Golden Retriever back ends, you wonder? Maybe because I had miserable results from three new glazes I tried out this week... This one was supposed to be more metallic than black...Although I don't mind this soft green shade, it's totally not what I was planning on... The question is whether or not it will replicate in the next firing. I'm not even showing a pic of the other glaze as it also turned out very very dark, almost a purply black. Pardon the scratchy scan on these beads but they're one of the few redeeming results in the firing, a nice bronzey finish, some a bit pebbly. Apparently there's more experimentation to do on the new glazes, hopefully I'll have some better results to show off in the upcoming weeks!


  1. You know I will take your 'rejects' anyday. That is a big ass snake! Yea, it might not be harmful but it doesn't belong in my abode that's for darn tootin'. Enjoy the day, Mellisa!

  2. WOW that's a big snake!! I hate snake, harmless or not. No way. I kind of like the black! :) The green is really pretty too!

  3. I think my unexpected glaze results will go to Etsy- kind of my version of straight to video :)

    The snake was only the start of our nature encounter for the week...pupper pinned a big lizard to the chicken wire I had just shoved into the drainage holes in our patio wall (to stop future snakes) and I had to perform an emergency rescue mission with some wire cutters to free his little body. Too much excitement for me!

  4. Whew! Living in Australia has given me a healthy fear of all things slithery!!! ~M

  5. Oh! I love these! Dramatic and dark are right up my alley!

  6. Shew! That is a big snake...I have my own run ins with them as I live in the woods. While your colors may not have turned out the way you expected they are still lovely!


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