Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a Haul!

Denise Yezbak Moore is having a ridiculous giveaway on her blog... 7.5 pounds of beads...7.5!! I think she may have lost her mind completely or she has the bead stash to end all bead stashes! She has gorgeous photos of all the beads broken into color groupings on the giveaway post, check it out.

I should be working on beads today but I think it might be a relax and goof-off day for me! I've been going non-stop for the last week and feel like I might just crash if I don't take some time to unwind. Pupper was a barometer for being pooped this morning...she's a chow hound and always beats me downstairs to her dish in the morning...prancing by the garage door waiting for me to go fill her bowl. This morning I was downstairs for 30 minutes and she hadn't budged from where she was sacked out on the bedroom floor! Unheard of! (actually I was quite concerned, went back upstairs at one point to make sure she was breathing) After about half an hour (and me emailing hubster at work to make sure she had been ok at 6 am when he took her out for a walk) she wandered downstairs and looked at me like "hey, why didn't you wake me up?". I guess even puppers have a bad sleep night sometimes and wake up tired!

I leave you with a pair of super special bead caps that I finally posted on the website...see those little holes at each corner? Imagine the dangly potential they hold!! They're a pain to make, I think I broke three pairs in the greenware phase as I put those little corner holes in but I love the finished result so I'll keep making a set every now and again (or when someone asks!).


  1. Thanks for sharing (and for that oh-so-cute pupper pic!)

  2. Those caps are amazing and inspiring!! I can see them with some beautiful rainbow moonstone briolets I have hanging from each corner. Hmmmm...are they in the shop? I think I need to treat myself!

  3. You got them Joy! I love the thought of combining the caps with rainbow moonstone :)


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