Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where Has the Week Gone?

No, really how did it fly by that quickly?

As I'm following my random topic post from last weekend, I'll try to keep thing a little more restrained this week!I was so excited to receive an Etsy convo the other day from JustCharming to let me know I had been included in one of her treasuries. I was particularly excited as this is the first treasury that I'm aware of being in! See my little trio of porcelain heart beads in the second row?Now some pretty creations from Dana of Colors of the Woods who has been designing up a storm, including the necklace set with a special soft blue dragonfly heart that we personalized on the back. She has such a knack for coordinating the gemstones with my various glazes! I love how the filigree look of the bead caps mimics the pattern on these charms... I'm also very overdue in showing off some pieces made by Gunilla. She used charms and a pendant in the Moss glaze for these gorgeous designs. Another great example of coordinating gemstones with the glazes. It looks like they were made for each other!

Today was a crazy busy day so I'm looking forward to spending most of tomorrow with my hands in the clay. I have a lot of my patterned bead caps to stock up on and several designs that I think I'm completely out of on my website. Unfortunately I don't tend to check and see what I've sold out of and replenish, I instead create whatever the whim is that day! Sometimes that means I end up with three of the same pendant and nothing in another glaze or pattern for months! I need to work on that. I also need to work on getting things into my Etsy shop so I have better exposure there, I've been adding everything to my website lately. So, all that said...since I'll be doing serious clay work tomorrow if there's anything you want in a particular, pattern, shape, glaze, etc or something special, today is the day to ask me for it since I'll be up to my elbows in clay!


  1. Ooooh, I hope you got many hours with your hands in the clay today! I got a couple hours on the torch and was in heaven :)

  2. I love your clay pendants. I know what you mean about not replenishing what sold. It's so much more fun to just go wherever my whims take me!


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