Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a Week...

at least the kiln is now firing! Of course it's not nearly as full as I would have liked but I had a handful of made to order items that needed to get taken care of for glazing this week. My biggest priority was getting more bead caps made though...I finally had a chance to check out Beads 2010 and everything I sent in made it to publication! That said, none of those items are stockpiled as I would like so I have some work to do.
Despite non-stop busy this week it seems that the weekend will allow a bit of a slower pace. I've said it before (and obviously this cheetah's spots haven't changed), I'm quite the procrastinator so the slower pace isn't a result of less to's a sign of more being avoided! So I think it's best if I show you the work of someone who doesn't have the procrastination bug... Michelle of Bohemianism sent me the link to this amazing necklace she whipped up recently. I love the mix of copper with the lagoon glazed pendant and the necklace itself is just divine!

A little about the food this week... my CSA box included some gorgeous Meyer Lemons. They're a mix between lemons and oranges so they aren't quite as acidic and tart but give a nice citrusy kick. A few of those lovelies turned into Meyer Lemon Crumb Bars for last night's dinner guests. Super easy to make and just Mmmmmm!

Today was a quick trip to the dog park with pupper and the neighbor's new (hopefully permanent) Shepherd mix puppy. Tomorrow hubster runs a 1/2 marathon so I'll have support crew duty...drop off at start line, pick up at finish with supplies (cold sports drinks, towel, camera, snack). It's a tough job but I've proven that I'm well qualified...haven't missed a finish line photo yet!


  1. I suffer from the same procrastination bug at times. Thanks for focusing on other things that are getting done, just so we know it is possible. ;)

    not sure if I should offer congrats or words of skepticism about the sanity of one who wants to run a half marathon. I'll go with the former.

    can you please add another day to our weekend? this went too fast and I didn't get enough done! I didn't even get the hounds to the dog park. phoo

  2. I alternate between periods of severe procrastination and periods of severe "getting things done in a frenzy." I'm sure I probably ought to fix that, but so far, it works for me so I'm just going with it.

    That necklace is amazing!

  3. Thank you so very much for your visit to Beatnheart Boutique..then I came here and oh my goodness your stuff is so beautiful!! I love your work Chinook!!!

  4. I'm kicking myself for not sending anything into Beads 2010. I had good intentions but procrastinated and then it was too late.

    The Meyor lemons look yummy and the lemon bars .. mmmm!

    It is a beautiful necklace.

  5. Lemons, yummmm!! The bars look good, and I might try that recipe.

    Marathon? I got tired just reading about it.. :)


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