Sunday, July 12, 2009


A couple of very nice surprises this week (and one not so great surprise!). First the nice... I received an email from Michelle Mach (of Beading Daily fame) to let me know that she used one of my peacock butterfly pendants in a necklace that made it into Creative Jewelry 2009. So, I decided to splurge and pick up a copy (for my "media mentions" collection). As I was flipping through the magazine I discovered that Lorelei's necklace using my peacock sari leaf pendant that I blogged about a few posts ago-here- was also in the issue! Last but not least in the same issue there was an article about selling on Etsy that included an interview with Lorelei and her earrings using my deep coral bead caps were pictured. I haven't mentioned it lately but my offer stands...if you get a project published that uses one of my beads or pendants and I'm listed as a resource for supplies, make sure to let me know and I will send a little reward your way!

Now, as far as the not so great surprise goes... This week we had 55 pounds (yes, you heard that correctly, 55 POUNDS) of honey bee hive removed from the space between the roof tiles and insulation of our roof. Technically it was portion of our building's roof that is over our neighbor's but as it overhangs our front patio we were the recipients of all the air traffic and many sharp ended bodies. According to the guys who came out to deal with the colony, they have already dealt with over 20 of these situations, just in our complex, this summer! I keep hearing about the honey bee population declining (although the guys said it's more of an East coast problem-interesting) but if they keep choosing to build in people's attics I don't have high hopes for them!Well, I have a humongous pile of bisque that came out of the kiln this morning that must be glazed so I better hop to it. I should have lots of new work to show off by Wednesday!


  1. hi M!!
    yay!! I am glad that you got to see the issue! I thought you would have known already because don't the editors contact you to ask if you want to include an ad in the issue?
    well if not, that stinks but I'm glad you got to see it finally. And I'm pleased that they used the image of my earrings in the little interview!!! :)

  2. congrats mellisa! well deserved... you know how much your work inspires me... :o)

  3. I think your work is great Melissa, glad to see so many artists are using it and you are getting exposure! Your pcs are gorgeous!

  4. Lorelei-aren't you just the little media maven? Congrats to you! No, they didn't contact me re:advertising but my website is listed in the resources section so I'll happily take that!

    Mary Jane-you're so sweet, thanks! I totally think you need to send in those items from my last blog post to Stringing or Bead Trends!

    Sharon-Thank you so much for the compliment :) I just love to see the beautiful things people make with them!

  5. Wow! Great news all around! I will have to get my hands on a copy of that publication. Sounds like I will miss out on a lot if I don't!

    I just sent you an email showing what I did with one of my recent purchases from you. Thanks again for the inspiration!

    Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Mellisa, I also love your work and am glad you are getting the exposure. I will be looking for a copy of Creative Jewelry; I will have to have a look for myself.

  7. Congrats Mellisa!
    Re: the bees - well, it may not be great to have bees "in the house", but I'm afraid your populations will probably be on the decline soon. It is already a big problem in Europe and I don't think I have seen a single honey bee this year! Anyway, I'd rather have honey bees. I have a hornet's nest over the door of my studio and a wasp's nest in the wood shed.

  8. Erin- Love the necklace, everyone stay tuned...I'll be posting about it soon!

    Debbie- Thank you! Yes, it's worth picking up a copy, there are so many projects in it. If you can't find it on the newsstand you can order it online from interweave.

    stregata- My uncle has kept bees for years in British Columbia and I just found out that they all died this year, he has no idea why. It's obviously a huge problem-I had hoped that they would relocate the bees from our roof but unfortunately it was not to be. I don't envy your wildlife!


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