Thursday, September 01, 2011

Joining the Masses...

with a FaceBook page finally!  Take a peek over there...under the followers box...see that little widget where you can "like" me?  I'd really like it if you like me : ) 

I thought I'd have a little fun for anyone who joins me over there on FB... Here are the pendants that are going out to my blog partners this month...glazed but not fired. 
As you might recall from my past posts, the color of the glaze in the bottle is usually NOTHING like what it turns into after firing.  So...the person who first guesses the closest color combination that these pendants will be after firing will win a surprise pendant...maybe in one or both of the glazes shown here. 

All you need to do is "like" my FaceBook page and leave me a comment on this post with your color combo guess!  Want an extra entry?  Blog or FB about the fun and leave a link for me in comments.  Entries close on Saturday at midnight PST and I'll announce the winner on Sunday, September 4th.  Good luck!


  1. Really a wild guess here: oil slick???
    Welcome to Facebook!

  2. green and blue -
    i have no fb page! but happy you do... and how could people not like you?!

  3. Hmmm, I think the background will be a sort of brownish, and the butterfly/flower will be a turquoise blue.

    I 'liked' you on FB. I have a FB page but forget to visit it on a regular basis.

  4. My guess is - lagoon, orange, peacock, and dark green.

    I liked your facebook page.


  5. My guess is brown for the background and blue for the butterflies and flower design. Complete guess since I've never glazed anything! I already follow your Facebook page :)

  6. I'm guessing a rusty brown for the background and a teal/green for the butterfly and flower. Although since you mention the glaze turns out totally different after firing, the pendants could be pink & cream for all I know :-). 'liked' your fB page - so glad you got one up.

  7. I think the background will be a pink and the butterfly a milky white.. . maybe. Can't wait to see what they really are!

  8. Great page! i love it!
    i guess, green and blue also, nice colors!
    Good luck!

  9. Congrats on your new FB page! :-)
    These are going to be such beautiful pendants - I love the placement of the layers. I was thinking maybe an orange/reddish base with the flower and butterflies in a turquoise blue?

  10. I'm gonna guess rust and green... I liked your facebook page!


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