Saturday, September 10, 2011

October Blog Partners...

Marcie and Jean come on down!  If you haven't already sent me your mailing address please do! (Thanks to Patty for the heads up that this would be two months in a row for her)

These are the pendants that I showed in their glazed state a post or two ago that I challenged anyone to guess the end color results.  Pretty tough, I admit...the photo isn't the best on these today either.  The raised portions are a semi-metallic hematite shade and the base is a dark, reddish undertinged black.  I suppose I could say that I was inspired by darker colors for fall or even our "Blackout 2011" that hit Southern California this Thursday afternoon (that resulted in us having to throw out almost everything in our fridge since the power was out for about 12 hours at our place) but the reality is that I had a not completely anticipated result due to some new clay I'm trying out.

So partly because no one was even close to guessing correctly and partly because I'm not sure I gave a fair shot, we'll try this again and I'll make it multiple choice!  Stay tuned for the post tomorrow with your clues...


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