Sunday, August 14, 2011

Macro Sunday...

studio waterstone

Just close ups today... there wasn't much of a chance of me getting closer to either of these subjects! First the BIG hairy tarantula on our neighbor's garage door from a recent evening...

Then when I went out to water my succulents the other day I almost dumped a pitcher full on this little guy!

He was just tucked in the planter and stayed there for an hour or so...on Friday we found him hanging out (upside down) on the wall so he seems to be sticking around.

Stop by tomorrow evening for my August Blog Partner creations unveiling!


  1. Eeeeekkkkk!
    Love the frog though :-)

  2. thats a little too close for me with the tarantula, but the frog is cute, love his colouring, blending into to the planter

  3. *shivers* creepy!!! But that frog is beautiful, really great colors on him.

  4. The frog is gorgeous and you were very brave getting that close to the spider!

  5. Gah! I'm impressed you got close. And I love the little frog. Great shots.

  6. Yick, that tarantula creeps me out! Do those run wild out there or was that someone's pet that escaped?


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