Sunday, March 27, 2011


Eye candy and sugar rush sweets too!

This is how I have spent a large portion of my weekend...dipping dozens of devil's food cake pops in preparation for a little neighbor get together this evening. They're quite yummy and very cute but I think they're a little more trouble than they're worth! If you're interested in having people ooh and ahh over the cuteness though, there's even a book:

I was the lucky winner of a BEAUTIFUL bracelet from Mary Newton last week...look at all this gorgeous shiny silverness!

What I love the most about it is that it's totally my style and I've already worn it twice this weekend. Thank you so much Mary!! I've added a few new things to the website and my etsy shop over the past week...unfortunately there are also a bunch of these two...that I have in my added folder but they don't seem to have saved to my website :( I think this means I'll have to go through my rather large dish of new pieces and check them all one by one to see if they're on the site. I suspect that I need to begin doing updates at scheduled times so there isn't such a slow trickle of new work...what do you think?


  1. I'm glad you like it-your banner looks great!

  2. your banner is great I love it.
    I am not so sure about the flash update thing. I am finding that things sell out so fast when people do that, good for them bad for the not so quick or at work buyers.
    Just my opinion. If you have enough to go around then I would think once a week or so doing an update would work great or always offer new things on the first friday of the month. Something like that.
    am I making any sense?
    Shannon C

  3. cake pops are cute, but when it's more hassle than it's worth....I have a hard time drumming up the motivation to try a second time.

    congrats on winning Mary's bracelet, that's awesome!

  4. Congrats on the's gorgeous!

    And you have my utmost respect for the cake pops...I tried them once. Did you ever see the "I Love Lucy" episode at the chocolate factory? Kinda like that only no conveyor belt. :)

  5. GAH! Everything is gorgeous! From the cake pops - which I'm seeing everywhere now - to the bracelet to the bee-utiful charms. Love the colors.

  6. That blue is stunning - I don't even want to tell you there is a new cake pop machine that makes like 10 of them at a time!

    Although I still say they are munchkins!!! : )

  7. Cake pops?!? That was torture! I'm on a one month candy/cake/nom nom detox! Great...all day I'm going to be thinking about cake pops!


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