Sunday, April 03, 2011

What? No bead pics?

Lots to get done this week...many many buttons to make, restocking of the woefully low levels of some of my designs, hopefully a chance to get some new designs squared away as well. Since I have a big batch planned for the kiln, I'm happy to take requests (well, I'm always happy to take requests but this would mean a 1-2 week wait rather than 3-4 weeks).

Any sewing or knitting fans out there who would like a button to feature on an interesting project? Shoot off an email to me and we'll talk :)

In my efforts to spruce things up for spring following my blog banner update, you might notice a (greatly overdue) little upgrade to my website...the "search" box! You can now search all my pendants and beads by shape, pattern, and glaze color (or even matte and glossy if you so choose). I'm hoping that this makes it much easier to find what you're looking for.

The pupper sequence for the day...lizard stalking... Later this week I'll have some kiln fresh goodies to share!


  1. love the lizard shot. cute!

  2. LOL! Love the stalker photos! I guess spring is the time of year to refresh everything. I'll have to stalk the new search : )


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