Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fun at the Zoo...

with Miss Kelley last weekend! No beads, just critters... so if you're looking for beady goodness come on back on Sunday for the Beads of Clay Open House (and a giveaway)! Of course if you're looking for a really good version of most of these pictures you should go to her blog!

Seriously...have you NO modesty at all? We thought that he was completed knocked out but when I loaded the photo at home I discovered that he was quite blatantly flashing us the goods...
I find it so amazing that flamingos can be this color...I think I need a glaze this shade...
Have you ever seen such a relaxed rodent? This Capybara was completely zen!

Loving the lime of this prickly plant bloom... A chase in action...
One little sentinel keeping watch...
The proudest of peacocks (shaking and shimmying his tail feathers at the girls!)...
Quite the noble camel who looked like he was wearing furry Uggs!
I couldn't believe how large this Secretary Bird was...
Of course, can't forget about the furry bears... eucalyptus and bamboo on the menu!

Anyone still here or did I lose you with the lack of beads? You could humor me with a comment so I know you'll be back on Sunday for the open house : )


  1. I love the zoo! Your pictures are just beautiful!

  2. Looks like you had a blast, I LOVE the zoo!
    Your blog looks so great, so relaxing and serene, love it M!

  3. The San Diego zoo is the best! My dog Alice flashes us in just about the same way Mr Lion does. She's not very lady like.

  4. I'm here! I love the critters. I hate to see them confined but I do love that we can see them up close. That lion is funny! He most certainly was flirting with you girls! But the one I like best is that furry little one sitting and watching in the sun. Enjoy the day!

  5. Great photos, and I will be here for the open house!

  6. terrific - looks like you are having fun with the camera! i really love the photo of the meerkat...

  7. Love the zoo! ...and pictures of things that are not covered in snow!

  8. Thanks everyone! Sorry for not sending personal emails back to anyone who commented today...big website server glitch and all my emails from today vanished!

    Lorelei- thank you so much for the compliment on the blog overhaul...I was hoping for some feedback! I still need to do a pretty header for it though...

    LeAnn- Alice needs some knickers then :)

    Erin- That was the only Meerkat who was all by himself, I was really surprised that he was chilled out enough to have his back to the people strolling by. (I like the glow of the sun on his fur in the pic!)
    Sue-Looking forward to seeing you back here on Sunday!

    MJ-I think it might be my favorite as well :) The camera is very fun...overwhelming and a little intimidating but fun...

    MLUtheB-Amazingly we actually had snow in our "mountains" last week but I stayed faaaar away!

  9. Tee hee! Hilarious shot of the lion. And I love the meerkat and especially that elegant flamingo - I agree about the colour!

  10. That panda shot makes the bamboo seem like milk chocolate...

  11. I love your pictures! Mine never look this good. I had quite the chuckle at that lion.
    Shannon C

  12. I enjoyed the zoo pictures! I'm traveling through the BOC blogs. I love your porcelain wares & have used them in my creations :)
    Janet/Pink Poppy Studio

  13. I had so much fun with you on that Sunday trip to the zoo and was so. very. thrilled. we were able to meet up again! I think your pics turned out great and am loving that you have such a fun camera to play with now :)


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