Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain on the Way...

or so they claim for Saturday...The upside is that I will likely get to wear my most fabulous rain boots to visit the dog show tomorrow, the downside is that it will be gray and cold and sad outside. But, don't you worry, I will be surrounded by fluffy fuzz puffs of canine happiness and that combined with my ever so cute rain boots will make for a most fantastic day!

Now although Pupper will not be able to join me at the dog show, I did get some glamor shots of her this week with my new camera. We've had a very old and mediocre camera for quite some time now but Kelley was the most horrible influence on her last trip to SD and caused us to long for a lovely camera like she had...

I have such plans for it! First, I need to figure out how to use it...

I took some new pendant pics on the most gorgeous textile-like paper that I have been hoarding for (literally) months... What do you think of the monochromatic pics? Too much distraction with the patterned background? I love these patterns though...lots of ideas for pendant designs here...

A pile of some nifty pieces I need to get on the website... A few in my matte foam glaze that turned out to be perfection!

Another peek at a lovely customer's finished creation... Cynthia came up with this lovely combination matched to my peacock glazed pendant.

Sadly you can't find Cynthia online yet, she's a brick and mortar girl, but you can pop by her blog to say hi.

Hopefully come Tuesday I will have some super cool (for me) news to share!
Have a most wonderful, dry and warm weekend all...


  1. have fun at the dog show in those awesome boots! and practice with your camera - then we will have to talk about picnik - because you are going to love that! you know, i do really like the monochromatic backdrops - especially the second one - but i love that top glaze...
    great job to cynthia!

  2. Oh I have got to get me some of those red/orange babies. Your my next indulgence! Have fun with the pups!

  3. Good luck at the show with the pups. Love that matt foam glaze, and the orange too !

  4. bah, I'm not a bad influence! I'm just helping you spend your money more wisely to bring about a greater level of joy and enthusiasm over a new hobby ;)


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