Monday, February 14, 2011


the apron!!
I'm seriously loving how it turned out and yes, you could easily find me in a Montana snow drift (if I had it on over my 32 layers of clothing and parka). Things have been too busy for me to break it in but once I finish up baking the clay in the kiln this week I will whip up something in the kitchen!

This weekend was spent in lovely, toasty Palm Springs where the hubster participated in the Tour de Palm Springs...102 miles of 6 hours...can you say "ouch"?! (he's the guy, still smiling, in the middle in the black, blue and green jersey)

While he foolishly cycled a century, I made a trip to Palm Desert for a little window with everyone else who comes across the window displays at anthropologie, a picture was in order! Sadly the reflection in the window takes away the impact but it was the most lovely paper gown with furled zipper rosettes.

I did a little bit of shopping at one very eclectic shop where I added to my ceramic birdie flock for my plants...a crimson one for my giant orchid (that has been stubbornly refusing to bloom)...

a bright cerulean for my passion fruit vine (not to take a turn for the yicky but see the empty snail shells in the pot? Apparently there's a Ratatouille...thought it would be nicer if I gave him a cute nickname...anyway, he's been visiting at night and having his midnight escargot in my plants...)

and a pretty mossy green that will live in the lovely wooden birdhouse like structure I also picked up...I think it will stay indoors though.

Last, a neat wire mannequin and a trio of little wooden jewelry holders... I always need display ideas and they were a bargain so I figured I should take the leap.
Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday...I enjoyed a large quantity of Harry & David's truffles...mmmm xoxo


  1. The apron is fantastic!!! *LOVE* it and so are those displays - I've been blabbing about displays this week -sweet!

    Happy Tuesday : )

  2. the apron is fabulous! you go girl :)

    good gracious, I had no idea the hubster was such a glutton for punishment. cycling a 100 miles? really? wow. way to go hubster!

    loving your new little birdies. boo hiss to the Ratatouille.

  3. Bring on the H&D truffles and the little birdies. You know I love little birdies and ummm anything chocolate. The apron, while not chocolate, is very yummy.

    I once did a fund raiser 160K /day road bike ride over 5 days. I was much fitter then :-) And even so, I felt like just hand my check book over. I think shopping is a much better idea.

  4. YUM, I love both Harry AND David. :) The pictures are great and anyone who has been to an Anthropologie can appreciate the pic. I love everything you showed and the apron is ADORABLE! Nice jobber!


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