Saturday, February 05, 2011

Change in Plans...

Today WAS to be devoted to whipping up the cute little apron I showed you in my earlier post. Instead you get to see the crazy fabric combo I decided to select. The main fabric for the apron will be this awesome floral explosion... the pocket and ties will be all dotty! The pics here aren't as great of a representation of how vivid the colors are in the floral...I'm pretty sure you'll be able to see me baking from a mile away!Unfortunately I am convinced that I have an infestation of gremlins in my home...I have now been unable to located two or three random (not frequently used) items, in this case my rotary fabric cutter. I have determined that I am unable to cut a straight line from a bolt of fabric, so I decided to not start stitching until I actually have squares that are square! Tomorrow a trip to Michael's (or some crafty variation thereof) to buy yet another rotary cutter (making it inevitable that I will find the original one on Monday) will be necessary and hopefully I can get the apron finished before the weekend is over.

In other news, I finally committed to a new full size kiln after quiet a few months getting by with just using my little bitty baby kiln. Of course it won't arrive for a little while but there will be beauty shots once it does! I was really pleased with some of the pieces from the last baby kiln load, including this key... Now for something cute... any suggestions for the caption that would go with this photo of my nephew and his furry brother? All I can come up with is the night after a Milk/Milkbone bender!


  1. That will be some swanky apron! Love it and the new key. That glaze is divine. Puppers and babies reminds me of my own kids just plopping down anywhere sound asleep with the dogs. Such a sweet photo.

  2. "dog tired"?

    love your fabric combo! love combining patterns. can't wait to see the finished piece!

  3. I love the photo of your nephew! And go with your caption, that's hilarious!

  4. Love the fabric! I find my sewing supplies often walk away when I'm ready to sit down and do a project. I could see that fabric inspiring some new beads. :)

  5. Love the fabrics!
    The photo of your nephew is soooo cute! Your caption's really good - or how about "Play hard. Sleep harder!"

  6. I'm just like that - losing that one thing I need just when I need it!
    Your little nephew is absolutely adorable!!! Reminds me of my 2-year old just falling asleep on the ground! Sometimes I little guy has to do what a little guy has to do!

  7. LOL!!! I like dog tired! That fabric is just yummy - if you were here it would help people find you in a snow drift! It's going to make an awesome apron. I'm missing an entire bag of sterling jump rings - if you find them let me know - I had them in my hand and POOF.....sigh

  8. That picture is adorable.

    That key is fantastic!

    That fabric is - well - gorgeous. Can't wait to see the apron. I think gremlins visit my house as well.


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