Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wonkified Winners...

Ok, the winners aren't wonkified...the pendants they won are!
Congrats to....

11 (T.V and Book Addict), 8 (Lorelei) and 9 (Lori-Pretty Things)! I've sent you each an email.

Today there's jewelry making, baking (white chocolate gingerbread biscotti) and kiln firing on the docket...busy week ahead!

We're having a crazy heatwave day today, close to 90 degrees forecast but very soon I'll be experiencing this again: Good thing I bought that scarf!


  1. i don't know how i missed last week's post - but i did... these pendants are just so awesome - congrats to the winners! so glad you got out with a friend and ate some good things...

  2. Hooray for wonky winners! (Not that I think those winners are wonky...just hooray for the wonky giveaway!)
    It looks a lot like Christmas here today. I think we may have got a foot of snow last night!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. CoNgRaTs to the winners!

    And I'd take the 90s in a heartbeat, even though that might mean Little Horse wouldn't be grinning as much as he was tonight in the low 20s and wind.

  4. Lovely jewelries. Thanks for sharing it. It's really nice with its unique design.

  5. This weather is so crazy. Yesterday, our air conditioner was coming on. Today, I need a jacket!

    Stay warm,

  6. I'm tickled, and wonkified sure does describe me!

  7. Anonymous11:37 AM

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  8. How were those white chocolate biscotti? My sister in law reminded me of those awesome chocolate gingerbread cookies I made last Christmas...and then I remembered, I got the recipe from you! They were SO good! :-) You seem to find real winners.


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