Saturday, December 04, 2010

Let the Baking Begin...and a Giveaway...

A clear indicator of the fact that I'm well on the way to recovery over the hole in my gumline where a tooth once lived is that I was able to a) leave the house for the first time this week and b) start (and eat) some holiday baking! My neighbor L and I headed out to a local Artists' Show then to a fantastic little shop that neither of us had gone to before. I expected a little yarn and fabric shop but was instead astounded by a big book, gift, yarn and fabric shop with all sorts of nifty little things that I didn't know I needed until I saw them! After I picked up this super soft scarf for my trip home to visit family in the bitter cold of the North in a few weeks, we headed for home...and made it one block! There was a storefront just calling my name...a pottery shop and studio with my favorite word in the window...SALE! They were selling student work and I picked up this gorgeous bowl for $5!! It has the yummiest glaze on chocolate clay that reminds me of a robin's egg...and reminds me that I have about 20 pounds of chocolate stoneware that I haven't touched in well over a year. I think it might be time to haul it back out and get some pendants made with it. As for baking, this evening I managed to get Thick and Chewy Chocolate Cookie Bars, Ginger Chocolate Chip Bars, and S'Mores Cookie Bars made and sampled...and the verdict from hubster was that they should all be consumed within the next week and not frozen to be judiciously doled out to my favorite people as is the Christmas tradition! Now for the giveaway...pretty much a unanimous decision that my wonky pendants would find loving homes if I held a giveaway, so I aim to please! Here are the (minimal) rules:
1. Leave a comment here...feel free to share your favorite holiday item to bake! Please make sure your email address is in your comment or activated in your profile so I can contact you if you win. If there is no contact information your entry will be disqualified.
2. For extra entries you may tweet, blog,and/or Facebook the giveaway with a link to this post. Leave a new comment for each entry with the link to your post/tweet/update.
Easy peasy right? I will draw three winners and will let them choose their pendant in the order of drawing. Contest closes at midnight, Friday December 10th and I will announce the winners on the blog and by email on Saturday the 11th. I hope to find these three wonkified curvy pendants happy homes!


  1. OOOOOOH, these are great! Love the bold colors and wonderful patterns. I'd love to design something beautiful with these. Hope I win!
    Erin S

  2. Mellisa, I am so happy to hear that you on the mend! I agree with your hubby that your cookies should be consumed immediately. Except I think you should send them to all of us out here who baking challanged. Those glazes are pretty yummy looking too.

  3. Hey Mellisa, I have never had dental problems so I was cringing reading your last post. I am happy you are feeling better and what a steal on that amazing bowl!
    I agree that all goddies should be consumed right away! lol
    I would love to win any one of your beads, wonky or not!

  4. Why bake when the bakery does it for you? We used to make a lot of cookies. Now I just don't have time. ;-(
    I do love my mom's chocolate shot cookies, and her lace cookies and her spritz. Maybe I should bake some cookies this year! And yea for wonky! Bring it on!
    Enjoy the day, Mellisa!

  5. first the pendants look lovely, & second, glad you're feeling better. We couldn't have christmas w/o 'hello dolly' also known as 7 layer bars. Now I'm on my way to check out the recipes for your s that you made!

  6. Glad you're better! My favorite thing to make for the holidays is the Chex Party Mix. We call it "Texas Trash" here. Everyone makes it a little differently and it's addicting!

  7. Hey girl! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Love the colors of glaze, all mixed up to make something nice looking. I don't bake either anymore. Too much stuff from everyone to have to do my own. I do have a new favorite dessert...Guinness Brownies. They are made with beer and they are to die for. Merry Christmas!

  8. Fabulous glaze! I love these pendants! I hope you're feeling much better now!

  9. A BOWL for $5? That's amazing!

    My favorite thing to bake is actually whatever is baked FOR me. I've gotten lazy about cooking now that I bead all the time!

  10. I'm so glad you are feeling better! I just love that ceramic bowl and can't believe it was only $5.00!!!

    My most favorite sweet at Christmas is rum cakes. Can't get enough of them.


  11. How cute!! My favorite holiday thing to bake is cheesecake. I LOVE it! I put way too many strawberries on it though ;)

  12. Gorgeous pendants Melissa! and thank you for hoping by my blog ^_^ Virginie

  13. your pendants are so pretty.

    my favorite holiday sweet to make would have to be spritz cookies.
    i know, i know, so ordinary, but soooo good:)

    be sure and pick my name:) and thanks for visiting my blog!! (the Baxter story - I'm sorry you didn't gut laugh. I didn't really mean to scare you! And, how did you find me?? just curious:)


  14. Beautiful pendants, Mellisa. Glad to hear your are feeling better and were able to get out of the house for a bit. Those stores are right up my alley...wish I lived closer so I could visit them myself. :)

    Wicker Beading Co.


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