Sunday, October 10, 2010

Credit Card is Smokin'

Hadn't really planned on having a splurge weekend but it kind of turned out that least I can write off the bead buying as a business expense!

I received an email that the bead superstore in town was having a 60% special for customers who signed up for the "club card". Although the last thing I need is another card to carry around I figured it had been much too long since I did a little bead buying. In reviewing my purchases I see that as usual I've overdosed on green...I can't help it! First the lime coin pearls that I buy every time I find them.

Then the chrysoprase...They called this Russian jasper... Some chrysocolla... I don't know what these really are, they're labeled as cat's eye but they look a lot like prehenite to me... I thought the little purse shape of these yummy amethyst was just unique enough that I couldn't pass them up... A semi-matte finished leopard skin jasper.... Some crazy lace agate... And now, last but not least...the Pantone Fall Color report...brought to you by my Lipstick Red toes and the cutest Born leather sandals that I had no option but to purchase yesterday... Thank goodness I can justify wearing them 10 months of the year in San Diego!


  1. Hi Mellisa, Great finds! That green is not like any cat's Eye I have ever seen, so I think you are right in thinking that they might be Prehnite. I think your little purse Amethyst {awesome beads btw} are called Onion Briolettes! I LOVE Chrysocola!I think I bought the exact same beads at my LBS!! Great minds think alike!
    {please let me know when your next sale is, I am hoping to order something on my very tight budget}

  2. Nice haul Mellisa! Love the shoes too :)
    I've been busy with the credit card too as the Aussie dollar is at an all time high to the US..almost $1 to $1 ...lots of beads and supplies on their way to me in the mail - your package arrived today - thanks so much - the goodies are gorgeous :)

  3. Sweet! You have excellent taste in beads and shoes! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day, Mellisa!

  4. Totally worth the finance charge! Some of my fav beads too! Yup, I would agree, that looks like prehnite. I have that "Russian jasper" too, I think it's also called Russian serpentine. I love the subdued green and the mossy veining in it. SCORE!

  5. Great beads and those sandals are TOO CUTE!


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