Sunday, October 17, 2010

BOC Open House Preview

A week from today will be the Beads of Clay open house event! Come on by 2-5pm EST/11-2 PST...there will be giveaways (two, count 'em two!), happy yummy fall recipes, and other random open house musings. I'll be offering a super special coupon code for my website too.

Want a sneak peek of the giveaways?? I'll be giving away the above bumpy pendant and matching charm set and this floral pendant...Please stop by and visit, I'd love your participation! What kind of recipe(s) would you like to see, dessert or main dish?

Don't forget, you can still enter to win a bracelet bar and matching charms over at Andrew Thornton's blog and I have my free shipping offer on through tomorrow.


  1. both kinds of recipes - the ones from last year were great! i love this event... i 'met' so many wonderful ceramic artists last year through it... and won some pretty incredible pieces!

  2. This was a terrific event!

    I love all food recipes!

    Your pieces are always so beautiful!

  3. I can't imagine you any kind of snob and that floral pendant is GORGEOUS !!! : )


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