Saturday, April 03, 2010

What's Easter Without...

BUNNIES!! I giggle every time I see this, how can you resist carrot chip poker playing bunnies?

On to non-flop earred topics...I finally managed to carve out time to post all the items from my kiln firing 3 weeks ago (yes, three and I'm not sure I even have a good excuse!) so they are now finally on my website. There's another firing as I type so maybe I'll be faster in my posting of the next batch! What do we have this time around? I restocked my keys... Posted some rectangular cut out pendant/toggle/links... Added the cutest little itsy bitsy rectangular charms... And ended up with some interesting glaze variations... I've been experimenting with a new clay body and several of my "tried and true" glazes are turning out quite different than in the past. This is my Avocado me it looks a bit like day old guacamole on this clay but I do think it's interesting...just not what I was expecting. In other news, it sounds like I may have an item or two in Interweave's Beads 2010 issue. It's available here for pre-order. Squinting at the enlargement of the cover it appears that clay is well represented in the issue! Unfortunately I don't think any of mine made the cover from what I can see... but I also must admit to a serious last minute effort in my submissions, I don't know what I was thinking! I'm super excited to see the issue in person in the next couple of weeks.

I really need to crack down on my procrastination for submissions...anyone want to take on the pro bono position of official whip cracker?


  1. hand flies up, 'me, i'll do it!'... i can be a persistent but gentle task master!! i am so glad that you got the submission in... i have that reluctance too... i like your new pieces, so what type of clay are these? the glazes are so cool to watch come up on different clays... i always love seeing what they do on the dark clay too...
    and re: the pieces coming out 3 weeks ago, time just seems to be flying and the space gets filled up in a blink of an eye... happy easter... happy sunday! do you have a break ahead of you?

  2. The new clay is just porcelain from a different supplier than I have used in the past. I did manage to get a few buff stoneware items in the kiln this time too though. Although I have a big stockpile of chocolate and terracotta clays, I tend to stick with my porcelain with occasional forays into the buff stoneware (the others really do stain up the hands- and everything else!).

    On the procrastination front, I'm quite irritated with myself for not getting my Bead Dreams entry done in time for the deadline. It's that crisis of confidence I think...not feeling that I can measure up to some of the wonderful talent that will enter.

  3. Love the avocado/guacamole piece! I wish I could help you with the procrastination, but I am having a hard enough time cracking my whip over my OWN head these days! Hang in there, though!


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