Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Somebody's Birthday...

Whose birthday is it? Sorry, shameless birthday week self-promotion but a coworker was dancing around singing this to me today (and brainwashing a classroom of children to do the same) and it is now stuck in my head! (The day job does offer a certain level of entertainment value) Oh, you noticed I said "birthday week"... well, yes, I happen to be a fan of a full week of birthday celebration and reveling (previously referenced coworker stated that "it's kind of like Hanukkah" when I told him that the hubster has been giving me little gifts- mostly chocolate- on each day). The official b-day isn't until Sunday so I need to milk the final days of my birthday week for all they're worth!

I have had a wonderful week of good birthday karma... First, a surprise package arrived in the mail, it was the stunning Williams and Sonoma Holiday Entertaining cookbook that I was lucky enough to win on Sarah's blog. Such a lovely and substantial book just filled with beautiful photos and entertaining ideas. I have already bookmarked several things to try out in the near future!Next was another surprise package, the wonderful white box that I have so anticipated in the past but since I didn't have my act together to submit things for a few months, hadn't seen in a while... my Bead Trends January 2010 issues and the return of my Zinnia Fling bracelet and earrings. I'm particularly happy about this set making it into BT as I had sent them off to another magazine under "tentative acceptance" (apparently) where they then languished for several months (yes, months) before being sent back to me with the equivalent of a "It's not you, it's us" Dear John letter. Despite my concern post-rejection that the set really wasn't as great as I had thought it was, I decided that my ego wouldn't be that much more bruised if I received another magazine dissing so I sent it to BT with my fingers crossed. Thank goodness they liked it because in retrospect my ego probably wouldn't have taken another rejection very well!Let me enthusiastically suggest that you take a look at the issue so you can see the pieces in their properly photographed glory (actually thinking about it now it's a miracle they asked to see the pieces from these photos I have!).

Finally, to wrap up my birthday week mail surprises, I received some gorgeous seed bead work from Marcie of La Bella Joya who has been working on samples for me using my designs as cabs. I promise to have photos soon!

Now I leave you with a little eye candy from Joy who put a creative twist on one of my Sari pendants by doing a little artistic inking to highlight the design further. Thanks for sharing, Joy!


  1. Happy Birthday Mellisa!! Sounds like you are having a great week! I can't wait to get my issue of BT I hsve no idea when my little white box will come, they are not as fast to come up my way. I guess that means you get to see my stuff before I do!!

    Let me know how it looks ;)


  2. Happy Birthday and congrats on Bead Trends!!!!

  3. congrats on bead trends and on your BIRTHDAY! we too are celebrants of the birth week (and have sometimes been known to do birth months)... the jewelry is all wonderful - yours and others designs... my mom just got in from sd last night (with this storm she may have ended up there longer!) enjoy your weekend ~

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! Is your actual tomorrow on Sunday, or was it last Sunday? We do the birthday week around here's such a special day, why not drag it out??
    CONGRATS on the Bead Trends acceptance. I can't imagine why the other publication didn't pick up this set - it is just gorgeous! I love your focal and the colors you used. I can't wait to see the January issue...I have another friend that will be in this issue too. It should be out soon!!
    Even in this snow storm, my husband just went out to get the ingredients for your secret chocolate gingerbread cookies...I've been eager to try them! :-)

  5. Happiest of happy days Miss Melissa!
    I love that you celebrate an entire week. My 1/2 birthday is coming up in February... I think I will revive that tradition!
    Congrats on the BT! I should be getting my copies soon I hope (if they can find me where I live now!) I love that set...and I think I had the EXACT SAME experience as you... (actually I have read that happen to quite a few...) That was disappointing, but getting it in BT was worth it! They do the most stunning photography and I now have the most gorgeous leather portfolio with these "professional" photos!

    I am wishing you joy this Christmas season and bright blessings in the New Year!

    Enjoy the day (especially tomorrow!)

  6. Happy Birthday Mellisa! I'm glad that you are getting little surprises for your Birthday "Week"! They sound wonderful!

  7. Congrats on Bead Trends, Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays as well!

  8. Thanks everyone!
    Cindy- it's today :) I hope you love the chocolate gingerbread, it's one of my faves!

    Erin and Marie- your pieces are fantastic and as usual, BT did a phenomenal job with the photography! Congrats to both of you and Mary Jane for being in the issue, I'm so honored to be in all of your company!

    my word verification for this comment is hippitio which reminds me of what I think is the cutest commercial: (sorry mom...she works for the govt phone company, telus is their competitor!)

  9. Love the earrings in this post!


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