Saturday, July 25, 2009

Name that glaze contest!

Time for another glaze naming contest! I have a couple of new glazes that I'm stumped for great names. First the new glazes that I've already named... I think I was inspired by the earthy shades in the Art Bead Scene challenge so here are Wheat and Coffee. They both have some interesting variations that occur depending on the thickness that I apply the glaze. I like the ivory and camel shades in the Wheat glaze. The Coffee glaze has a lot of depth that reminds me of black coffee that's just had some creamer swirled in.
So here's what's left to be named...
Glaze #1 has a smoky base with bright, almost cobalt accents where it's thicker.Glaze #2 is a lighter brown shade with golden undertones. I already have a glaze named Toffee otherwise I might have chosen that. It's a fair bit lighter than the Coffee glaze. So, here's how to play- Leave a comment with your suggestion for what I should name one or both of the glazes above. If I choose your suggestion, I'll send you the pendant above in the glaze that you named. Just for fun, I'll also do a random drawing for the Wheat pendant shown above for anyone who also blogs about my giveaway. Just leave a comment with a link to your blog post to be entered!

oops-edited to add a deadline (I always forget that part!) Let's say deadline is midnight PST Tuesday July 28th


  1. I love that Wheat pendant, that is gorgeous!! I'll go blog about that when I finish here... I'll have to think about the top one, but for the brown one, how about Cocoa? Fig? Brown Sugar?

  2. For #1 - Smoke on the Water :o) (now I have the song stuck in my head...)

    For #2 - Caramel

    They are both VERY pretty! I especially love the Smoke on the Water one :o)

  3. Just did a blog entry for you!!!

  4. I just did a blog post for you, too:

  5. bottom one, caramel or butterscotch? am i hungry? have to think about the top one... reminds me a bit of stained glass... will return...

  6. top one, morocco/moroccan blue - just seems exotic to me!

  7. Top one...Royale.
    Bottom one....Whiskey.

    Everything you make is gorgeous Melissa!

  8. Blogged about your giveaway with a link Melissa!

  9. Hi Mellisa! I love them both!
    That first one with the deep smoke accent really looks like stained glass to me with the leading. Very pretty....I would call that one....sapphire...or blue willow (like the famous pottery)....or maybe something exotic like Cote d'Azur (which translates into the Blue Coast and is also known as the French Riviera).

    And the second one....I think looks just like one of my very favorite desserts with a crunchy carmelized sugar top...creme brulee! Yummy!

    Enjoy the day!

  10. Hi Melissa,

    Hmmmm must ponder on the top one. But the bottom one is the exact colors of True Mexican Flan. The lighter creamier flan the darker the burnt sugar topping :) And of course there is just plain burnt surgar. Will add you to my post tomorrow and then will let you know :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  11. The blue needs a special name that captures the element of royalty. I like Prussian blue.
    The second one reminds me of the coco topping on Tiramisu
    Both are beautiful!

  12. I like Blued Steel or Sky Iron for the first one and Honey Oak for the second.

    Am off to post about your contest on my blog, too!

  13. Oops - forgot the link:

  14. Gunmetal for the 1st and autumn for the 2nd. I wish I would have thought of whiskey before Sharon. Mellisa, they are all beautiful glaze colors.

  15. Anonymous9:54 PM

    They're all gorgeous!

    For #1 Mar Azul
    For #2 Dulce de Leche


  16. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I just posted about your contest on my blog

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  17. I left a message on my blog. Here's the link.

    I love "Smoke on the Water" that Katie came up with for the first one. The second one I think looks like gingerbread so I'll go with that or ginger.

  18. Beautiful glazes!
    #1 Tapestry
    #2 Goldenbronze

  19. I just adore the blue tones in the first one - which I would call Twilght - the second reminded me of Honey on Toast.

    They are all beautiful pendants btw, keep up the great work :)

  20. OK, I thought of another one for the bottom one.. Nutmeg! :)

  21. Okay, here's what I've got:
    1. Lapis
    2. (I was gonna say "Dulce de Leche", but it was taken!), so I'll say Cinnamon.

  22. #1 Royalty
    #2 Heather

  23. I did not look at the other suggestions, did not want to influence my ideas. I hope you pick a great one!!

    #1Midnight Forest


  24. All really gorgeous! For some reason, I'm thinking flower names!

    #1 Blue violet or Iris
    #2 Marigold!

  25. The blue glaze (and the bead) makes me think of the vivid pigments in the Book of Kells, but that might not be color-specific enough. Lobelia? It's that same deep cobalt blue. So many good ideas already for the second! I like Whiskey. Along those lines, also makes me think of Grand Marnier.

  26. they are all gorgeous! great work!

    fist one - Mystery
    second - Butterscotch


  27. So many great ideas. Much better than what I had thought of, so I'll just be writing you up on my blog again.

    Lovely pieces! As usual!

  28. Here it is!

    Oh, and I decided to tell you my choice for the blue one: Smoky Mountain Waters. The blue reminded me of a deep lake and the grey was the mountains.

  29. #1: Jewel of the Nile, or Nile Jewel

  30. Beautiful-all of them! The first one, as others mentioned, made me think of nobility. I would call it Medieval Queen.

    The second I would name Mocha Frappuccino.

    There are some really good names being thrown out there!


  31. The 1st one:
    The 2nd:

    Amazing work.

  32. You sure received some great name ideas (may need to store them away for later too!). Can't wait to see which ones you choose. :-)

  33. Katie- "Smoke on the Water" such a great description, just like you, every time I read it the song is stuck in my head!

    Silver Parrot- "Blued Steel" all I can think of is Zoolander and the "Blue Steel" look :)

    Kristen- I'm holding on to "Fig" for a future glaze, should have held off on naming the glaze I called "Coffee".

    I love all the exotic names that make me think of beautiful destinations, the food related ideas (always a plus with me!) and... well, all of them!!

    This was such a tough decision, I could have chosen absolutely any of them and I think it would have been a perfect fit.


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