Saturday, June 13, 2009

We have a winner!

So many great suggestions from everyone to help name my new glaze. Lots of ideas surrounding the ocean/water/sea and a few that I might have to tuck away for my next glossy blue green glaze (if I use your idea you'll still be rewarded!). For some reason I want watery named glazes to be shiny, I think that's why I was having so much trouble naming it. So without further ado... Congratulations Marie, I'm going with Spruce! Email me with your mailing address and this Spruce Abstract Butterfly Square is headed your way: In other news, I'm a little frustrated today...I had sent in some jewelry projects to a magazine and had been told that they were chosen for an upcoming issue. Well, today I checked the mail and there's a package with my items returned and a letter saying that they decided not to use them after all. I realize that that's the nature of the beast but I'm so disappointed! They really held on to them for quite a while so I've missed some chances to submit to other publications but I think there are a few deadlines coming up that I might still be able to make.Oh well, shake it off and move on! I made a bunch of beads for a custom order and just like last time, a bunch of them decided to stick to the firing wires (5 stars and 2 leaves). So, for the next giveaway I have a handful of these little guys with holes that are unusable (filled with wire). I'll send them off to the person who gives me the best planned use for them! Leave your ideas on this post, you have until Friday...


  1. how about wire wrapping?

  2. I would use them in an embroidered cuff bracelet. Usuing all my favorite seedbead colors, matte metallics and rose montes.

  3. Forgot to say congrats to Marie.
    Spruce is the perfect color choice.
    And I am having a spelling brain fart tonight...too much codeine cough syrup for my bronchitis...ya think?

  4. Congrat's Marie!!

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    could I drill holes to make them into charms?
    so sorry about your sumissions being returned to you, but there's always next time; i'm sure they are beautiful!
    congrats to Marie!

  6. thanks, i am over-the-moon excited to get to work with some chinook beauty!

  7. Marbella Designs- I'm pretty sure they'd shatter into bits, it would be like drilling a hole into your ceramic dinner plates!

    Rosanne- Hope the bronchitis clears up soon :)

  8. When I saw the beads, I thought the same thing as Rosanne - bead embroidery...I haven't done a lot of it yet, but I can see that - especially since the stars remind me of the center of a flower...

    And congrats Marie! Spruce is a very nice color name :o)

  9. I am so sorry to hear of your pieces being returned......I just had the EXACT same thing happen to me! Oh well. Let's dust ourselves off together, shall we? Love the little connector and Spruce is an apt name. Congrats to Marie!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  10. I just realized that I forgot to answer your question! I think that I would wire wrap them, or depending on their size, use them in a little resin montage. I am getting into making pendants using resin and that would be the perfect answer to the no-holes dilemma! Thanks!
    Enjoy the day!


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