Thursday, June 11, 2009

One more day

I'm going to give everyone until Friday, June 12th for suggestions on naming this glaze, there have been some great suggestions but keep them coming!! A reward is offered for the name I choose :)

Silver Parrot is having a giveaway here to clear out her bead stash. If I understand correctly, the lucky winner will receive a box of goodies that they can rummage through. She suggested that the winner then have a giveaway of their own to keep the giveaway goodness going (like that alliteration?). Since I didn't get to go to Bead & Button I definitely could use some new beady finds so my fingers are super crossed on this one!


  1. How about MIDORI...a Japanese name that means "green, verdant."

    Or VERDANT it reminds me of a fresh field of hay.

    Or ABELIO which is a Celtic name for "green growing one."

    Very pretty. And next year you must come to Bead & Button!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Hi Mellisa,
    Ok I'm thinking oceany... Atlantic or Pacific, Carribean...oh oh what about Cyan? like the ink color?

  3. My suggestion: Tuscany Sea
    The colour reminds me of the Mediterranean Ocean on the Tuscany coast, when the sun is shining and the water glistens in shades of blues and greens...

  4. When I looked at it I immediately thought in Jacques favorite when I was a kid, that special color of ocean water.

    I also think Vista is a neat name...for totally different reasons, but I'll leave that open to interpretation! sorry I forgot to put your charm on my list of supplies for the necklace, I feel horrible.
    I have not been very focused lately. I will surely make it up to you next time. So sorry. I was looking at your site again and there are so many pieces I want....I'm in love!

  5. Atlantis came to my mind!

  6. Hi, Mellisa, I received the last of my order today and love it all thanks so much.
    I love your new glaze; I think it looks like someplace exotic like Montego Bay.
    Yes I think Montego Bay would be my entry. Thanks so much

  7. I was at a loss until I started watching Prince Caspia, and they were transported back to the shores of Narnia. Between the blue-greens of the ocean and the dense greens of the forest--how about "Welcome to Narnia" or just "Narnia"? Love that glaze...

  8. i know i'm going in a different direction, but that color makes me think of my blue spruce trees... spruce bough? or awash? because the way the color is applied, that verb comes to mind... good luck!

  9. Such fabulous suggestions everyone! I'm going to have a tough decision to make!

    Erin, I know... I'm so sad I didn't get to go to B&B. Hmmm, Midori would be a great name if it also wasn't the name of the melon liqueur that was my first bad drinking experience!

    Debbie, so glad it arrived and you like :)

    Keep those ideas coming (well for a few more hours anyway!)

  10. Sea Breeze - sure there is a drink reference there, but hopefully not a traumatic one ;-)
    Headed to the DE beach in a few hours - sea breezes on my mind!

  11. It reminds me of the sea. So I'd name it "Under the Sea."

    Happy Friday.
    Alice Howe

  12. Mellissa - thanks for posting and good luck!

  13. Green with Envy?