Monday, May 25, 2009

Not much work going on

We have guests for the long weekend so all clay work has to come to a stop! I tend to spread everything out while I'm in production mode and since my jewelry area is in our guest room that's not accessible right now either. Probably for the best to take a little break though since I have a bunch of items that need to get made for a custom order and I'll be working my fingerprints off this coming week!
I like how these little bead caps came out, I thought it would be neat to have holes at the corner for cute little dangles. Definitely harder to make than regular charms or beads, I broke several of them putting the holes in before they were fired.
The little blue charm is itty bitty and so cute, this is the first time I've done them with holes instead of a wire loop at the top. I have a pair in petal pink that I think would be the sweetest for earrings.
Another pair of bead caps- I think these will be cute with holes on each of the "petals" as well but that is an experiment for another day! I need to get ready for my duties as tour guide for today. Yesterday was the Wild Animal Park which we don't visit as often as we would like to but is always enjoyable. Thank goodness we arrived early, as we left around lunchtime the lineup of cars to enter the park was out of control! Lots of walking planned for today again but this time more on the shopping theme.


  1. Have a fun day! I love all these little miniatures. They are so pretty. I can think of lots of uses just for adding that special touch!

  2. Mellisa, I really like the bead caps with drilled corners, would make some sweet earrings. Have a fun day.

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Beautiful, love the caps!

  4. Like Debbie said.....SWEET!! Love those caps!

  5. Hi Melissa, I like them too. How are you drilling the holes? I'm finding that on smaller things if I use a needle tool first to gently make a hole, then follow with my high tech coffee stirer straw that I have little better luck.

  6. I really like the bead caps...particularly the last pair!


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