Monday, May 18, 2009

Check out this necklace...

...that the super talented Debbie from Prairie Emporium whipped up with one of my key connectors! I just love the earthy colors she chose and I think that the yummy chocolate leather is a great contrast to the gloss on the connector and the shiny beads. She said that she has another piece coming that features one of my beads so stay tuned...

I'm so happy to say that the Art Walk Festival this weekend was a success! My legs are killing me from all the standing and bending but it was totally worth it. The weather was just beautiful, not too toasty and the promenade is a wonderful open air venue with terrific shops. Thank you to all the wonderful people who stopped by our table and bought and/or admired my jewelry and also signed up for the Style Substance Soul emails. I got to spend the day with two wonderful, fun women- Amy from Style Substance Soul, and Laura who sells Soulful Charms bracelets. Our table was also right next to Baxter- a remarkable therapy dog that might just be one of the cutest creatures I've seen. He worked all day (it looked like chillin' on the table but he was putting out all kinds of positive energy to his visitors) and was quite the popular stop for the shoppers!

It was so interesting to me the jewelry items that sold and those that didn't move at all. A couple of my absolute most favorite necklaces went to great homes- they looked like they were just meant for the women who tried them on. This necklace in particular was one that I was tempted to price at $300 so I could just keep it for myself!I also found a home for this ring- For me, they sell best in person even though I know people who have a booming business selling wire wrapped rings online.What did not sell... at all... were my cute little porcelain earrings. I even made up 10 extra pairs for the show thinking that they would sell like crazy. I'm a little baffled! It might have been my display, possibly they didn't stand out enough, but even when I pointed them out to people, etc.- nothing! Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. What a fabulous necklace! And all of your stuff is gorgeous. I have a thought about the earrings. I wonder if maybe people wanted to use their money on "bigger" (i.e. a little pricier) pieces. You would think that in a recession the earrings would be the first to get bought, but I wonder if people aren't saving up their spending money and using it to be higher impact pieces, like necklaces or bracelets. I could be totally wrong, but it's just an idea. :-)

  2. Good shows are always fun.
    I was wondering were you wearing a pair of the earrings? I just love mine as a matter of fact I wore them yesterday. I agree with Kristin, maybe they wanted a bigger ticket item. I think it's always hard to figure what will go, next time they might sell liek crazy.

  3. Hmmm - I'm clueless - I love your little earings - I would have chosen a set of them myself. But - I ahve learned the last year or so - that what I think is great (my artwise)or horrid - is clearly not other's thoughts on things. Things I thought would never sell - went like hot cakes - go figure!! I love your work, beautiful and unique - you have a wonderful eye for design and color. So glad the show was a success!! Sarah

  4. The necklace with your key connector is gorgeous! I love the jewelry you made for the show. Those earrings are so cute, color, design and all! What a mystery that more didn't sell.

  5. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Your pieces are wonderful! I never know what will sell and am always surprised at what does. So I have no ideas for you. I love smaller more simple and dainty designs, so I love the earrings.

  6. That necklace is just so pretty! I would really love to get some of your pendants...I didn't see the key on Etsy....the skeleton key is my logo and main motif. I think your components are lovely. I would agree with the others about bigger ticket items. I am finding that as well. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. I think you guys might be right- it did seem that more of my sales were the "high impact" pieces but so many people made comments about saving/not splurging so I thought maybe the little indulgences would fly off the table!

    I was not wearing the earrings- I haven't worn earrings for years and the piercings have pretty much healed (super sensitive to even gold earrings). I should have given a pair to one of my table mates to wear in retrospect though.

    Erin, most of my pendants aren't on Etsy- swing by my website, I can make that connector in any of my glaze shades (and I actually have other key styles too)
    Here's the link:

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone :)

  8. I think they are adorable. I have found in the past that the items I think will sell don't and the items I don't like sell like hot cakes! Can't figure it out!!

  9. Your work is just beautiful! I don't understand about the earrings - they are darling! I guess there's no knowing what people will and won't buy on a given day.


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