Monday, January 19, 2009

Love is in the air!

Although I've offered heart shaped pendants for a while now, I figured I better get a move on and list some on Etsy in time for Valentines Day! The pendant above is in my new pinkish glaze- I'm really tempted to name it "piglet" but not sure if that color label would turn anyone off?! Any opinions?
Then I worked on some cute little heart shaped beads. These have the hole running diagonally across the heart. I think these would be super cute in a bracelet!

The swirly ones below are my "duds". I don't usually have so many failures in a batch but I made those with fairly small holes and the combination of a runny glaze and the hole shrinking during firing meant that I had 9 beads where the wire they were suspended on during firing couldn't slide out. Any one want them for scrapbooking, to put in a little bowl, to carry in your pocket, to put in a fishbowl...? First person who leaves a comment asking for them and telling me what plans you have for them gets them!

Last but not least I finished up some more of my floral link beads- I REALLY love these, especially as a big chunky focal in a bracelet. They're kind of vintagey feeling to me, definitely very feminine but since they're a good chunky size and weight they don't seem frou frou.

I have lots of things planned for today, first I need to get some beads listed on Etsy then I have some new bead ideas to work on. I wish I didn't have to do the listing part today, I'd much rather go play in the clay and make some jewelry!


  1. oh oh oh!! I love the ceramic connectors. Those. I have to have those.

  2. Hey, I would love to have those little guys. I have the perfect project in mind. I have some pewter frames that I think one would fit in. Glue it in and use Diamond glaze or Amazing glaze to make a little 3-d picture. Hummmmm.....what do you think?

  3. Lorelei,
    They're $10 each, want to put dibs on any particular one? :)

    Congrats, they're yours! That sounds like a great plan for them and I'm happy that they'll go to a good home! I'll email you for your shipping address.

  4. I hope you can hold the olive green one for me, Mellisa. Thank you!
    I will be able to purchase from you Thursday if that's ok.
    Actually hold the blue one too for me.
    1 blue, 1 green.


  5. Me again!!
    I looked at the pic again of the connectors. what is the color that is the one on the most left of the photograph? I think this is the one I had my eye on when I initially commented.


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