Friday, January 23, 2009

Charming charms

New charm shapes and new glazes to show off! This isn't all of them but here's a little taste...
The finish on these charms is an unusual finish, not like my other glazes- they have kind of a suede finish. The periwinkle flowers above are almost an eggshell finish. I have some more experimenting to do with them, especially to find out how they perform on textured surfaces but even if I only stick with smooth surfaces, I like how different they are.
I have the swoopy side square (which can be a cute swoopy sided diamond too of course!), the retro flower, and a sweet little star. Since my glazes are usually on the more muted side I think this is a good step outside my color comfort zone! Even though I don't sell as many charms as pendants I just love having a handful of them fresh out of the kiln so I keep on making tons of them!

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