Saturday, April 26, 2008

Here's a glimpse of the project that has had me keeping busy for several weeks! I had the pleasure of taking the logo belonging to Sora, a wonderfully talented Celtic singer, and turning it into a pendant design. Sora will be offering the pendants strung on silk ribbons as a really unique purchase for her fans. After browsing through my glazes and ordering some samples, Sora chose a combination of two pendant sizes, each with a variation on her logo, and four different glaze colors. This was such a fun project and the collaboration with Sora was an incredibly pleasant and smooth process. I continue to be amazed by the interesting and wonderful people that I have the opportunity to meet through my jewelry/pendants!

Take a minute and hop over to Sora's link to listen to some of her music and to find out more about her!


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Oh! That sounds like such fun! What a wonderful opportunity!

  2. Hi Lisa! Yes, it really was a blast and a bit of a change from my usual routine!

  3. These charms are so pretty, I love the design.


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