Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A sneak peek at my latest patterns...this one is by far my favorite! Above the pattern is centered to focus on the floral design and below it's off center to feature more of the intricate swirls. I'm calling it Sari since it reminds me of gorgeous silk saris from India.
Another pattern...I like the versatility of the floral pattern below. I designed it with lots of different flowers so there are lots of options to choose from. The details are especially sweet in earring charms!
One last design for tonight. This one is more architectural in nature, I get a bit of an ancient Rome archeological vibe from it. It's quite interesting in my new dark bronze glaze as well.


  1. I love your floral patterns (textures).

    I've been 'into' paisleys lately and want to attempt to design some patterns. I hope they turn out half as nice as your textures.

  2. I love the last one, the design is so pretty.


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