Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ups and Downs...

It was a week of having hopes dashed but a few beady silver linings did appear.

All signs seemed to point to this beautiful boy joining our family...

Unfortunately it wasn't until a third email exchange and a week's time that we learned that were were in fact the second applicants for him, not the first.  My fingers remain crossed (and the pupper's paws are crossed as she would LOVE a little brother) that the first applicants decide that he's just too much of a love bug to take home so that he can come live with us instead!

There also was a little thing this week with a dream home that isn't to be, but on the upside, the speech therapy app I've been working on for months went live in the app store this weekend.

Beads help make things better too!  I was so lucky to receive a spectacular assortment of lampwork in a giveaway held by the lovely Lesley of Thea Jewellery.  All of the beads in the collage (plus a bunch more) with the exception of the set in the bottom left corner were from Lesley's stash.  She sent some awesome focals as well as some really lovely coordinating sets. The set at the bottom with the sweet little bird and nest are also a giveaway winning, that one from Marianna of Star Girl Jewelry and Lampwork Glass.  They're super cute!

Of course, as is my way, I'll just hoard these babies for a little while...keep them out on my coffee table in a little bowl and admire them!

Don't forget to join up on Tuesday with your virtual design plans for this little petal pink imprinted heart!

Hope your weekend was wonderful :)


  1. oh, mellisa i am so sorry to hear that you are the second applicant, but will everything crossed that i can for you... perhaps that pup will end up with you... and if he doesn't, just remember that perhaps there is a pup you don't even know about yet just waiting for you...
    beautiful heart charm... and congrats on the app!

  2. sigh. hugs. there are other things meant to be that will be better than that cool kitchen. fingers crossed for Nana to get a mate. I may still send Little Horse out to you ;)

  3. What a precious puppy!!! I'll keep my paws crossed for you, too.

    Sorry about the dream home falling through. This happened to a friend of mine who really wanted a larger storefront -- but it wasn't to be. I'll tell you what I told her, namely that this frees you up for an even better space. You'll find it. :)

  4. I have not been to your blog in a while. Had my son a moth ago. I love LOVE your pendants. How can I purchase some?
    The dog is adorable. Such a cutie.

  5. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that things work out with the sweet puppy. I'm sorry about your dream home. I know how awful that feels, but there will be another one, I'm sure of it.

  6. What a sweet puppy face, he's such a handsome boy! I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you too!

  7. Great news on the app! How cool is that? And I am with maire... maybe there is a pup out there that you are not even aware of that needs a good home. Great googly-moogly! Those are grand glass goodies. I would leave them out to oogle too!
    Enjoy the day.

  8. very nice accessories for the puppy. it is so attractive. I so love this. thanks


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