Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Still Here...

although from the serious lack of blog updating you might not know it! There has been kiln firing and glazing happening though so I'll share some pics of the latest load... I thought I'd play around with the shape of my zinnia pendants and try out a bit of a convex curve. I really like how they turned out, it gives them some nice dimension. This glaze is a bit of a happy accident... The few items that turned out this way will be called "Ginger" on my website but I'm not counting on being able to do a repeat of it. I like the antiqued feel and the little, almost bronzey flecks in spots.
I haven't done as many cut out shapes lately as I used to so I though it might be time to restock with a few. I think the rectangles could make a very cool focal toggle clasp... Last but not least, I did some glaze combining for this pendant... I think the combination turned out quite springy! For those of you who commented re: my CSA fruit and veggie trial, I am happy to say that we've had three weeks of super yummy and healthy meals (well, except for the chocolate chip banana date bread and kumquat pound cake) as a result. Tomorrow's box is supposed to contain guava and cherimoya so I'm quite excited to get it! We're definitely going to continue on with our certainly takes more effort on my part as far as planning meals for the week but I can't say that it's really required much more time in the kitchen.

I am now off to take the pupper for a good scrub down, she actually smells like a dog this week...imagine that! We've had so much rain in the past couple of weeks I've sort of viewed it like washing your car when rain is predicted...she was just going to go out and splash in mud puddles so there wasn't much point in hitting the dog wash! (apologies in advance to anyone living anywhere other than Southern CA) We have 80 degree weather in the forecast for Monday so I should be safe with getting her back to a less ripe scent.

More beads and less time between posts over the next couple of weeks...really...


  1. wow, my CSA has weeks before it starts up again, and it sure will not have guava! LOL they do not grow here in the midwest. But I cannot wait for the fresh mescalin (sp?) salad mix

  2. I like your new work, especially the top red one!

  3. everything is beautiful mellisa... i like the curve on your flower too... the colors, shapes... glad you can finally wash your dog - my aunt swears that if she takes her dog to the groomer it will bring on rain within the next day or so!

  4. LOVE the cutout ones! Hope you list some more!!

  5. I am really liking the new oval pendants, Mellisa! Right now though, I am making a bunch of earrings with your charms.

    Love 'em!!


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