Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pura Vida!

Home from a lovely break in Costa Rica in time to start preparations for the San Diego Bead Society Bead Bazaar show next weekend!  There's even a discount coupon for admission here.  If you're in the area please come visit!  I'll have special bonuses with purchase for anyone who mentions this blog post.

No new beady pictures to share as I've been busy packing, unpacking and fast-tracking a kiln firing to remake a pendant that went AWOL from an order.  But I have lots and lots (actually 1000 of them) of pictures from my trip if you want to see some!  I'll give you the curated version though! (unless you want to see even more, then you can check them out at my Flickr stream)

Had to get a photo of this pool sign at the Arenal Springs Hotel...I'm concerned about what type of "love scenes" necessitated this regulation...

We went on a boat ride in the jungle, this big boy was on the river bank...he was about the length of my arm!

I managed to get a few shots of Capuchin monkeys climbing in the trees...

The Arenal volcano was in prominent view from the Arenal Springs Hotel. No eruption while we were there but lots of smoke was visible at the peak.

We had the opportunity to visit some artisans at work on beautifully painted trays, chairs and ox carts.

COFFEE!!! (not roasted yet in this case though)

Lots of gorgeous Macaws hanging out at one of our pit stops...

Another iguana...this one was warming up on a tile roof...

Loved this Coati that we saw in the Monteverde Cloud Forest.  Can you guess what he's related to?  Here's a hint...his mask isn't quite as obvious as his North American cousins'.

So many gorgeous hummingbirds...

We saw a few stunning sunsets...

And I ziplined in the cloud forest over these suspension bridges! 

But the highlight had to be my luck in spotting this Quetzal (only rhymes with pretzel if you're using a nice Anglicized pronunciation!) and getting a photo.  He was pretty far away from the suspension bridge I was standing on but was nice enough to keep chirping so I could locate him!

The other thing continuing to keep me busy is the canine version of the Energizer Bunny!  Dude just doesn't stop!  Good thing he's so stinking cute :)

I know blog posts and comments have been quiet but I'd love to hear what all of you have been up to!!


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I love Costa Rica!! You were sure lucky to see a Quetzal, that is a rare sighting these days! I'm off to view your Flickr stream for some vicarious travel moments. Pura Vida!

  2. Costa Rica is my favorite

  3. You make some really great pendants! So pretty!
    I love the tropics... I've only been to Hawaii, but waking up with tropical birds singing was incredible. Costa Rica would be a dream!

  4. Beautiful pics. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! I do plan on getting to Costa Rica someday. It's on my bucket list, which is quite long! LOL! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I left you a message over there. :-) Hope you stay safe from the fires.


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