Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bead and Button!!!

Well, I might not be there, but Chris from The Art of the Bead (previously Foremost Focals) is at Bead and Button in Milwaukee, WI this weekend for the Bead and Button Show.  She's set up at booth #1248 and has ever so graciously crammed in handfuls and handfuls of my pendants and beads on her display!

Stop by and visit her (say hi for me!) and don't be afraid to ask to see more of my pieces if you had something specific in mind...I sent charm pairs, pendants, bracelet bars and even some assorted color bead strands.  Due to space limitations she definitely won't be able to have everything I sent out on display (because I was crazy and sent her waaaaaay more than she bargained for)!

Have the most wonderful time there, wish I could be there too!

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  1. oh those are lovely, lovely focals! wish I were going to the show!


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