Sunday, February 17, 2013

Home From Tucson...

Well, I'm back from my three days at "The Tucson Bead Show" and it was an experience, although not what I'd call a profitable experience, it was a pleasant one overall.  I liked the way my table turned out, not too cluttered or fussy and nice and bright.  The risers and hanging rack for my beads strands that my friend's dad made for me was just what I wanted to maximize my little 6 foot table space.


Frankly, this little fluffernutter snufferpuffer was the highlight of the weekend for me...Gypsy, the lovely little Golden Retriever pup belonging to the delightful Carter Seibels Singh of Woman Shops World/the Gypsy Temple was my smushface break each day when things got slow.  Don't you just want to smoosh his little snout and kiss his forehead?

I had the pleasure of meeting Joan and Lana of Off Center Productions and Fred (and his very sweet wife, Debbie) of Clay River Designs among other talented ceramic and glass artists at the show.

Much to my surprise, my little porcelain trinket dishes were my biggest hit at the show!  Not only did I sell all that I had, we also sold my lovely assistant Katrina's dish that I had given her!

My fun twisty beads made their debut at the show...I have lots of goodies left so they're making their debut here before I have a chance to put them up on the website.  See anything you like?  Just send me an email or leave a comment with the items you want!  Single twisties are $4 each...

Twisty pairs are $8 a pair...

A whole batch of big focal pendants at $12 a pop...

And some new fancy porcelain poppies at $10 each!

The best part was coming home to this...have you ever seen such bliss basking in the sunlight?  We're scheduled for our home visit with the rescue group on Wednesday to adopt a brother for her...pretty sure it would be easier to adopt a brother of the human variety!  Cross your fingers for us that they realize that people who actually have doggie Godparents lined up are a good bet!

What about you...did you go to Tucson?  Do you have a different fave bead show that I should consider for next year instead?


  1. Hi - I went to Tucson, but I never made it to the Tucson Bead Show. That was the second one to hit the Doubletree, right? I went to the first one at the Doubletree, but never made it for the second, which is too bad because your stuff was one of the things I wanted to see. Your bracelet bars are my favorites. I honestly wonder if being in the second show at the Doubletree may have affected your sales. Maybe people went to the first and thought it was the same. If I'm thinking of the right one. I went to the Whole Bead Show, the Best Bead Show, and To Bead True Blue. I enjoyed them all, but I'm not sure if any one of them is better for exhibitors than the others.

  2. Wish I would have been in Tucson. Sorry it wasn't so great for you, it was slow at Bead Fest last year in August. Hoping it's better. Maybe you'll sell at Bead Fest this year??? Hint hint????

  3. It was slow for lots of people; often in Tucson we get sales through shops, additional trunk shows and contacts. We did just ok but the fun aspect was there in aces. I also think the first show at the Doubletree is the best. So nie to have met you. We had a grand trip home with visits with friends alpacas and designer chickens plus 5 dogs. Take care. Joan and Lana

  4. Wow, how DO you do it! Your beads are soo cute OMG.
    Take a look at my blog too :)


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