Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hibernating or Shopping?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Have you gone out to brave post turkey shopping crowds or been like me and just hunkered down at home?

We spent a lovely few days in Napa and Sonoma leading up to Thanksgiving, lots of rain, lots of food and a moderate bit of really good wine!

My favorite new winery stop this trip was Hop Kiln in Sonoma (get it, kiln...ceramics...ironic right?!).  The building was a very old, very cool place where hops were processed until the 1950s.  On top of the beautiful location, everything they poured was fantastic (although I'm partial to Pinot Noir and that's their specialty so the odds were ever in their favor). 

We discovered that Healdsburg is a very dog friendly town...the pupper learned that many of the shops had a bowl of biscuits and/or water right inside the door.  The result was essentially a canine directed treasure hunt around the square!

Here she is posing in front of the knitted tree cozy by the yarn shop...

We always end up at the Round Pond olive oil mill and winery when we're in the area... The colors and scenery there are gorgeous regardless of the season and it's always a wonderful and relaxing experience to visit there.

Other than our little road trip, I've been spending hours each day in the studio working on creating new pieces like crazy!  If you haven't noticed, I have a big 40% off bead, button and pendant sale going on over at my website if you use the code: ARTBEADS40.  I don't offer a discount like this EVER so this would be the time to jump on it! 

Go grab them while they're still available, the sale ends Monday!


  1. What a lovely getaway. I used to like shopping when the kids were easier to buy for. Now I just hunker down and wait until the crowds are long gone.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. That button is beautiful, I love the bronze and blue tones.



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