Saturday, October 13, 2012

Art Bead Love Tour

How excited was I to learn that I was chosen as the recipient of the Art Bead Love Tour this go around?!  This is what it looked like when it started the tour...

This great chain was started by the folks over at the Love My Art Jewelry blog and it's already been all over the looks like I'm the 15th stop!  There are so many great things on this chain...lampwork, metal, seed bead, polymer and ceramic.  It's HEAVY!!

I'm going to take my time this weekend going over the chain and picking out what I want to add to my collection and take pictures of the new things I'll put on the chain to replace them.

Be sure to come back next week, I'll have the giveaway post up and ready for entries soon!


  1. How fun! When I had the Bead Love Chain, every time I looked at it I saw beads I missed the previous times. I can't wait to see what you take, and what you add back.

  2. Oh my! I am so happy whenever this pops up. I hope someday I will be on the stop. I have a lot of art beads to share! And it made me smile when I saw a few of my own pendants were put on there at some point! I could hardly believe that someone thought my Woodsy Owl was worthy of being on this Art Bead Love tour! Can't wait to see what you choose. I think it says something about your style and personality what you choose and what you select to add to it! Enjoy the day, Miss Mellisa!

  3. Congratulations on being chosen to receive the Bead Love Chain! What fun it will be to decide what you will take and then add...

    Have fun...I'll watch for your post/photos...what ever you choose will be wonderful I'm sure!

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Awesome...can't wait to see what you add!


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