Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog Partner Goodies!

Glad to see that a few blog partners are up for the challenge!

The Random Number Generator selected  comments # 3, 6,and 1 so that means that Alice, Lucid Moon Studio and CopperDiem will be receiving one of these Pond glazed leaf pendants for their challenge participating enjoyment!  Ladies, can you send me a quick email with your mailing addresses?

What do you guys have in mind?  Layering, playing off the colors in the glaze or something completely different? 

As promised, for those of you who would like to play along with a Pond glazed goodie of your own, head on over to the website and scoop up one the pieces for 20% off.  I had grand plans to have a coupon code for specific items but apparently my website doesn't want to play that game so I've just marked them down automatically...but you'll have to move quick, the sale price will only be available through the weekend.

Just to widen your choices, I'll include the Pond Butterflies...

and Pond Bracelet Bars...

Reveal date is October 20th, please share your photos!


  1. Yay, I see my name up there! How exciting! I love the Pond glaze, it's very earthy and unique.

  2. Congrats ladies!!! Beautiful color!

  3. Rats! Well, congrats to the Chosen. Crossing my fingers for next time :) Too cool!

  4. So excited to play with that cute pendant!

  5. I just love that butterfly!


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