Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Get To Work!

So I finally post after months of absentia then I disappear again!  Definitely need to get into a routine and back on track!

I've been holding out on big news and was waiting for a nice regular blog posting roll to slip it in but apparently my randomness isn't going to allow that so time to spill the beans...

Tucson or bust baby!  Not sure if I'm excited or scared to death but I'll have a table at The Tucson Bead Show February 9-11!  Who's going to come join me?  I'll need visitors and giggles and people to go out to dinner with (hopefully I'll have shoppers too)!  You can pre-register for the show right here to save time at the door.  There are still hotel rooms in Tucson available now too so this is a great time to make plans (and it won't be 134 degrees there like it is right now!). 

All this means is that I need to start kicking up my production...and no procrastinating!  So even though I'm going to try to start hoarding some pieces specifically for the show, I will try to be better about scheduling regular updates to my website with new pieces.

I pulled all the accent beads I had on my website and some others that have come out of the past few firings but that I haven't gotten around to photographing...I thought they would look better bundled up rather than just loose as I've had them in the past so I pulled out the raffia I have for my packaging and starting stringing them in batches.  The question I have though is what do you prefer for bundles?  Do you like groups of beads that are done in the same glaze or do you prefer a mish mash of coordinating colors?  I love this pile of bead colors all together but I'm also more likely to purchase monochromatic strands myself...

Also on that note, I finally took photos of pieces I've had kicking around for quite a while.  There are a few new glazes for reveal as well as some exciting color experiments that I'm messing around with.

There's this pretty green and brown that I am calling "kelp"...

and then this pretty rutile glaze...still chewing on a name for it...

and buttons! So many buttons!

So what would YOU like to see me make?  Sets, coordinating beads, colors...?


  1. Good for you! I wish I could get out there but now that we're on the East side of the country this year isn't going to happen. Nice new glazes. About the bead bundles, I usually do pairs in compatible colors and that seems to work pretty well.

  2. I'm greedy and indecisive so I'd like everything :-). Having said that, I'm always drawn to bead bundles in coordinating/complementary colours.


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