Monday, July 23, 2012

Talk About Time Off!

Quite a gap in my blogging lately huh?  Hopefully you haven't forgotten about me after all this time!

Not really much of an excuse for my absence, I've had lots of little projects to take care of around the house (ugh, scraping out old caulking and re-doing two tub/showers) as well as a couple of little trips and lots of good friend time.

We took a trip out to Dallas, TX to visit our friends M and K again, we hadn't seen them since our trip before Christmas.  The difference this time is that Dallas is NOT a place to be in the summer!!  I swear it was 110 degrees and 150% humidity while we were there!  Luckily K is the hostess with the mostest and had frosty beverage cups waiting upon our arrival which we took everywhere with us.

Frosty beverages were of little use on our trip to the Dallas Arboretum though since we had all sucked back our K made icy berry lemonades during the walk from the car to the entrance of the park!  Despite being literally dripping with sweat (not kidding, I think my earlobes were perspiring) it was so worth it to see the Chihuly exhibit...

All of the pieces were incredibly striking...mind officially blown when I saw this enormous 30 foot spiky sculpture.  The "Yellow Icicle Tower" is made of 1800 individual pieces.

Of course given the heat all I wanted to do was hop in the water next to those lovely glass orbs!

It was really just spectacular to see what can be done with glass.

We hit some really good barbeque places in TX and then managed a personal best of visiting 3 grocery stores in one day...yep, get the four of us together and we do a grocery tour!  For those of you not in TX, I realize this may sound crazy, but the Whole Foods Markets there actually have wine bars in the can get your glass and stroll the store doing your shopping.  I would say that the percentage of grocery shopping men was considerably higher than any other stores I've been in...they can shop with beer glass in hand.  No arm twisting in the least to have hubster and M come shopping with us!

The biggest problem with such a long blogging hiatus is not knowing what to share after the fact!  I'll cut this off now and just plan more posts for the week to catch up.

Hope you're all still checking in and having a wonderful summer!


  1. Wow, those glass sculptures are fabulous!!!! Sounds like you had fun despite the heat.

  2. That glass is amazing! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Wow, officially, seriously jealous! Love Chihuly, and would love to see his stuff up close. Very cool (well perhaps not literally!)

  4. i did miss you! so nice to hear your voice... great exhibit, i really must have been something to be with in person... and gotta love that whole foods - by the end of the day, i could use that at the store!

  5. welcome back, I'm scheduled to see the Chihuly exhibit the 7th so this was a great return piece. Did you know OKC has a wonderful exhibit of Chihuly also?

  6. Its so impressive and special ,i do love with the glass sculptures are fabulous!!!!!

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  7. Nice to hear from you. Missed you. Texas anywhere in summer is not the place to be but how could you not brave the heat and humidity to see the Chihuly? Stunning.


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