Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What Would You Do? Wednesday

I don't know how this week has already gotten away from me!  Tuesday evening I realized that a) it's almost Wednesday and b) it's the first of the month!  So that means first it's time to find out if you had any inspiration from the chunky buttons I posted last week....
I don't use a lot of buttons in my jewelry designs so I really hope to see some creative inspiration with these.

Link up here with your ideas:

I think I'd like to see a necklace using one button in an asymmetrical front loop closure.  Maybe with a pop of color from some recycled sari ribbon?  These lovlies are offered by designtalentedone on Etsy.

Wouldn't it be nice to see some little floral accents with a bit of shine like a Green Girl Studios flower?

I might need a little bit more shimmer but I'm stumped for what else to include.  Any ideas?

There are so many wonderful blog challenges, hops, parties and soups going on that I think my weekly virtual design challenge is a little much for most people's overloaded plates so I'll scale back to once a month in the hope that it will be more accessible for participation.  Hmmm, how about this little heart with a Valentine's Day reveal date?

Took a couple of tries to draw eligible blog partners for my blog partner renewal!  The lovely Erin Prais-Hintz contacted me after my last post and said if her name was selected to give someone else a chance.  Of course, given the way the universe works, the first name selected was Erin's!

So I re-drew and selected:  Wendy Blum... who I don't have a blog link for!  Wendy, if you see this in the next 48 hours please contact me!

I then drew another name but they didn't have my blog partner button up so I had to try again...

Yay for Cindy Cima who was all set with her blog button!

...and then there was another name without a blog button... and one more... before Patty Gasparino saved me from a sure fate of throwing in the towel for the evening!

So, Wendy, Cindy and Patty...send me an email and let me know if you can commit to having your piece ready for reveal on the last Monday of the month.

I'll keep the names that I drew who didn't qualify on the list for one more drawing then I'll clean out the list and remove any names where the blog button isn't visible.

Thanks for participating!


  1. Love the buttons - green is my favorite color!

  2. Ack that comment got away from me it should read YIPPEEEE lol Thank You!

  3. AHAHAHA! That is too funny that my name came up first. I am delighted that others will have the chance to work with your beautiful components. I love all those ladies! Enjoy the day!


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