Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Hop!

Welcome to my first What Would you Do? Blog hop!  Here's the pendant I challenged you to come up with pairings for...
 My Aurora Borealis stamped pendant

Check out what everyone came up with!

I really like these sterling pinch bails from Art Beads...a nice quick way to attach a pendant to a strung design.

Keeping the floral theme I thought a nice multistrand clasp (also from would do the trick as well.

I found these faceted Fancy Jasper ovals on Etsy from BirdDesigns.  My biggest challenge in jewelry design is always breaking out of the monochromatic mode so I like the natural variation of Fancy Jasper to do it for me!

Of course I can't stray too far from my matchy-matchy tendencies so throwing some Picasso Czech glass in green brings me back to my comfort zone!

I hope you enjoyed everyone's creative combinations.  Thanks to those who joined in for the inaugural week!

Here's the preview for next week so you can start the process...

A Pond glazed bracelet bar.  So start digging through your bead stashes and favorite online shops for inspiration!


  1. Fun idea for a blog hop. You can see my contribution here:

  2. Melissa, I decided to play along but since this was my first challenge of this kind I wasn't exactly sure how to pull it together but I think that I was able to come up with something. I love the fancy Jasper and the Picasa Czech beads that you found to go along with this pendant. I am particularly fond of the bracelet link that you have for the next challenge and look forward to seeing what people come up with. I am also interested in seeing how these are being used in designs. I love these links but am a little intimidated as to how to use them - or mainly to connect them to your main bracelet.

  3. Oh, man, already go the ideas bubbling for next week. I have some adorable wooden beads stamped with a dragon fly that I'd use as accent. Heee! Fun!


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