Monday, September 19, 2011

Bracelet Cuffs!

A whole bunch of new pieces just landed in the website!  First, a collection of bracelet cuffs and bars made from speckled stoneware clay and featuring imprinted designs from hand carved wooden fabric stamps. 

I usually work with porcelain (despite having 25-50 pounds each of chocolate, red, buff and now speckled stoneware hanging out in my garage) but there are certain my oil slick glaze below...that are just so much prettier on a colored clay body.
I took some of the little curved wing butterflies that you may have seen used by my blog partners this month and put them on some pendants for a little three dimensional pop...I think I'll keep playing around with this!

Last but not least, a little curved flower charm, also similar to those that my blog partners received this month.

If you see something you like, jump on it!  I don't plan on doing another kiln firing for 3 weeks- I think I need to clear my plate for a few days and just take care of other things that have been stacking up.  This time of year with the start of the school year tends to increase my feelings of frazzledness!  I'll try not to neglect the blog so much though!  Check out the sidebar over there, I'm on FaceBook now too...even if there hasn't been a blog post there might be some quick updates happening over there.


  1. "frazzledness" -I like that word. I often get that feeling too. Off to check out your new listings.

  2. Absolutely LOVE these and just had a little shopping spree on your website. I cannot wait to receive my lovelies to design with <3 - stunning work as always...

  3. Beautiful pieces!

  4. I posted it on Facebook here:

    and Tweeted it here:!/LindaLandig


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