Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fresh from the Kiln...

I had a couple of stragglers for an order I needed to fire this week so I thought I'd try to fill up the kiln as much as I could with a glazing marathon. I have a couple of new glazes that I needed to try out and thought I'd try to make some sets rather than my usual random glazing. I quite like these rust and pistachio and rust and blue combinations, particularly on a smooth pendant or one with very pronounced designs.A couple of pieces went to the BOC Etsy shop but everything else has gone into my Etsy shop or on the website. I continue to mess around a bit with my potter's wheel but I can assure you that nothing with any semblance of symmetry has come off of it yet! Luckily once filled with succulents my wonky little pots are actually a bit charming...at least that's what some kind people are telling me :)

No danger of me abandoning pendants for housewares, that's for sure!

Summer is starting to wind down for me...I'm feeling the need to try to try to be super productive for a few days but also have to balance it with a little more relaxation before the reality of fall hits!

What do you feel like you still need to accomplish this summer or have you mastered the art of summer relaxation?


  1. I'm still wondering when I'm going to start "Spring Cleaning!"
    these glazes are beautiful! nice new work M!

  2. I think wheels are fun regardless of what the outcome looks like! Nice job! ;)

  3. Those are beautiful colors. Great!!

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I need to actually slow down and enjoy summer! It is now finally nice weather. Not too hot. Not too humid. Not too rainy. Just...nice. I want to be outside, go for walks. Something I rarely ever have the time to do. I love these yummy glazes. They look good enough to eat! ;-)
    Enjoy the day!

  5. With the boys home I am raring for them to go back (2 more weeks!) and I'll have my days back and tons of ideas I've been keeping track of! Fall is my favorite time of year!!!

  6. Beautiful glazes. And quite frankly, symmetry is overrated! I like your pot :-) I am hoping to have a week of calm before I start travelling around the country to see friends and family. I week of gentle creating and (hopefully!) some sunshine.

  7. Great pieces...it is always interesting when trying something new, sometimes it doesn't always work out the way we expect, but these are gorgeous!


  8. I have always wanted to throw pots. It just looks so therapeutic to have that wheel spinning and the water flowing over the mud and your fingers as it forms a new and different shape. I love how you are using yours and think they are perfect!

  9. I'm working on re-photographing all the items in my ArtFire shop. What a huge job. I want to get this finished up before the holidays hit.

    I really like those leaf shaped charms (first pic), but they must have sold because I don't see them in your shop.

  10. These are so beautiful.Warmest Regards,Cat


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