Monday, July 25, 2011

Something I Brought Back...

I managed to keep my Peruvian purchases to the bare minimum...hubster came home with a silver ring with the Incan calendar engraved on a spinning band and my splurge of the trip was this pendant... (pardon the reflection of me and the camera in the bail)

A handcarved gourd pendant wrapped in a silver bezel with a very unique zigzag bail. I rarely purchase jewelry for myself, I usually make pieces to go with specific outfits or just forget to wear jewelry...but when I saw these beautiful pieces in the display cabinet I just couldn't walk away. I just bought this earthy hand dyed silk assortment to put it on...I'm thinking multistrand with the beige, brown and maybe a blue or green since those are the colors I wear most.

What has been your most memorable vacation memento?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, you were right to splurge on this pendant. On my recent vacation, I picked up an ammonite pendant and a garnet cross, not necessarily the most memorable. Can't remember the most memorable?!?

  2. Really very beautiful!! Even I to purchase jewelry very rarely.

  3. I think I would have bought that even if the bezel were empty. That bail is incredible. Yes, multi-strand earth tone ribbons. I can see that.

  4. It's gorgeous! I usually only buy books from museums, but years ago I bought some silver filigree jewelry from Turkey.

  5. Totally splurge-worthy! I think it is funny that you don't wear much jewelry when you create amazing things for jewelry designers to use! But I love this piece and I can tell it would be a signature piece for you. Very cool!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. I can see why you wanted it and think it will look fabulous with a silk necklace! We never go anywhere so I really haven't bought anything!
    : P

  7. Definitly a fabulous piece...until I read the post I thought the pendant itself was your work you had put into an amazing definitly is a "you" piece.

    I never buy jewelry when I travel but last winter in Key West I purchased a sterling silver starfish, which I love and a coin pendant...a huge purchase for me! :~)

    Enjoy your pendant...


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