Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Partner Peeks

Hope you all had a wonderful and restful long weekend! I managed to find a little snippet of time to finally try out my pottery wheel...the conclusion? I need a LOT more practice and maybe a class or two! That said, I think I will have a little bowl to show off next week if it doesn't explode during the bisque firing.

Michelle Mach is the first of the May Blog Partners to post her creations...check out what she made! For May I sent out a Big Circle pendant and a 4 hole bracelet bar in my latest Architectural designs. I love that she named this piece "Magic Carpet bracelet", fitting isn't it?

Stay tuned for creations by Sally Russick and Christi Baxter Clothier too!


  1. Very nice job, Michele!

  2. I just love what she created! I have a hard time with bracelets but I imagine they would come together quickly with these lovely bracelet bars. And the color is so YUMMY! Enjoy the day, Mellisa!

  3. Both these are great...I always wear bracelets so I particularly like the bracelet bars...I've made a few silver ones, as well as small ones for pendants, but your clay ones add a different type of interest and detail, which I like!

    Have fun on your new wheel...

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Beautiful! That bracelet bar is my fav!

    Patty from


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