Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things...

studio waterstone

Although much of my trip last week was of the not cheery nature (more on that at another time probably), I did have one evening with my mother at a succulent bowl class at a local greenhouse.

I love the variety of colors and textures in the many ideas for beads here...

Unlike in Canada where succulents either live inside for much of the year or they succumb to the elements, here in San Diego they flourish on my patio all year...which meant that I was sorely disappointed that the bowl I created chock full of beautiful plants stayed with my mom! (pretty sure that I would have had a bit of an issue at customs if I would have tried to transport it across the border!)

The Firesticks remind me of a field of coral...

They had beautiful "living walls" with succulents in frames that hang on the wall...this was one of my favorites...

I am extra fond of birdie photos and although the hubster had a day where he spotted three Woodpeckers and a BlueJay, I only spotted this little Robin.

However, I spent a good chunk of time on separate days following a flock of Canadian Geese down the riverbank...

They were remarkably cooperative!

In beady news... I was pleased to discover I've been featured in an Etsy treasury...

Dawn of Northern Adornments Jewelry Designs created this beautiful necklace with a Viking Knit chain in matte mint and silver and one of my Lagoon Batik pendants. Go check her work out!

I've added some of my new
pendants to the website already in the Architectural section and the remainder will be updated today. Don't forget to swing by the Art Bead Scene Blog and sign up for their newsletter- I'm a featured sponsor for the challenge prizes this month. There's even a special discount code this month for ABS readers! A few bracelet bars are left although they go fast! I'm loving these new designs, the only problem is that I need to come up with names better than "Architectural 1", "Architectural 2" and so on... Suggestions are welcomed!

Much to get done now that I've been home for a week and still so very much to catch up on so I should probably stop procrastinating with this lengthy post and get to work. Thank you so much to those who sent me such kind emails/comments last never ceases to amaze me how I've "met" such wonderful people via blogging.
I truly appreciate you all :)


  1. what lovely succulents, and what a great close-up!

  2. Bee-utiful!! And I'm loving that bracelet bar, too.

  3. The succulents have the most amazing colors.....I too was following our resident geese today...they actually cooperated too! I had just run across your jewelry last have many beautiful pieces.

  4. Anonymous3:51 PM

    The succulents are beautiful, I love the firesticks!

    The new jewelry pieces are beautiful!

  5. Your pieces are sooo gorgeous!

    Love those succulents, just amazing!

  6. Now that's really cool - a succulents bowl class! I bet it was fun! My 10 year old son would have loved it - he has a true interest in plants - his rooms is turning in to a little greenhouse. I enjoyed your pictures today - especially the sweet little robin!

  7. Great succulent pictures - I esp. like the first one. You can see the texture so well. We have a robin nesting in the crook of the downspout near our living room window. Love watching her. The necklace by Northern Adornments is gorgeous!

  8. Great succulent photos...all the photos are great...

    I know what you mean when you say you have to come up with a better name than "architectural", I'm feeling the same with the word "scrap metal"...

    Tell us why you chose the word architectural...I've been thinking of having a contest to find another word/name...with the prize a pair of earrings made from "scrap metal"...:~) It is just to find the time right now!!!
    Have a great day...

  9. Wow. Succulents are so cool! I would love some terrariums in my house. There are some cool ones on Etsy.
    I love the architectural series you are doing. Why not name them for architectural terms? Like balustrade, architrave, corbel, cresting, doric, facade, festoon, foliate... these are just a few terms I found in a glossary of architectural terms I am sure there are more!
    Enjoy the day, Mellisa!

  10. Beautiful pics! Succulents have always been my favorites.

  11. All kinds of eye candy here! Loving those bracelet bars! Glad to see you back! I hoope you get everything you need to get done - done!

  12. Love the photos and the new ceramic pieces, am heading over to your website now to have a nose!


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