Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Heart Macro Sundays...

studio waterstone

Lori over at Studio Waterstone started a fun weekly blog event to share close up views...I love super duper close up shots of things so I was definitely in! My plan for "I Heart Macro" Sundays will be photos of things I love...we'll see if you can recognize what I'm photographing each week!

Well, this week isn't really a challenge I time I'll scoot in closer!

Stop on over at Studio Waterstone and see who else linked up!


  1. I love the yellow! Great pic. Thanks for joining up.

  2. So pretty and springy!

  3. Haha We were channeling each! Forsynthia is the only thing blooming here : (

  4. I think we are all thinking spring! great minds as they say

  5. I'm longing for more flowers too! Love the yellow. It's so cheerful!

  6. Gorgeous, love all the flowers this time of year.


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