Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Did a bunny visit your home this morning?

I wasn't expecting him to get inside mine but apparently he did and left scatterings of Reese's mini eggs around. So the photo above will be my submission for this week's I Heart Macro round!

studio waterstone

I'm behind on blogging about several things so please bear with me...

So far I have nine wonderfully talented Blog Partner Peeps lined up:

Erin Prais-Hintz (Tesori Trovati)

Lorelei Eurto

Susan Kennedy (SueBeads)

Michelle Mach

Linda Landig

Christi Baxter Clothier (2 if By Sea)

Patricia Gasparino (My Life Under the Bus)

Leslie Gidden (Mad Maggie Designs)

Sally Russick (WireWorked)

You can find all the details and listing of those participating under my Blog Partner tab up at the top of the page. I like round numbers so I will still accept a few more designers into the mix, I'm thinking an even dozen (also a number divisible by 3 since there are 3 drawn each month) so there's room for 3 more. The first 3 people who let me know that the button is up on their blogs are in!

For the month of May the three designers randomly selected are....

Sally Russick, Christi Baxter Clothier, and Michelle Mach! Ladies, email me with your mailing addresses please and the goodies for this round will go out in the next two weeks. You will have until the end of May to reveal your creations!

In publication news, quite some time ago I received my copy of Wire Style 2 in the mail. Much to my surprise and delight I discovered that the very first project in the book, a gorgeous necklace by Lorelei Eurto, featured one of my Zinnia Connectors! It's a terrific book full of projects by talented folks and I would highly recommend checking it out.

Wire Style 2: 45 New Jewelry Designs

Another surprise this week came when I flipped through The Best of Creative Jewelry on the bookshelf at the store the other day... My Splish Splash bracelet and a pair of earrings from Creative Jewelry a couple years ago both made it in!

I've delayed long enough, I have a huge stack of pendants to clean up and fire today, many many new architectural designs to test out...I have a suspicion that the Blog Partners will be seeing some of them!

Hope you all have a most wonderful and chocolate filled Easter!


  1. Hi Mellisa! So excited to have been chosen!

    Congrats to you on being in this fabulous edition of Creative Jewelry again. I've got a piece that's going to be in a upcoming issue.

    I'm sending you my snail mail addy now.

    Happy Easter!

  2. I have been so busy I didn't even see your post about blog partners! OMG sign me up!!!!! I am running to my blog page now..... ;-)
    Shannon C

  3. Okay so I posted your button on my blog :-) I did trip and fall on the way back to my blog page tehehe. Okay on a serious note I wish you and your family a very happy Easter Sunday!

  4. I'm in! (If you've got room for a seed beader!)

  5. happy easter to you mellisa! so many things to congratulate you for! your work is so very beautiful and i am so glad that it is reaching a greater population in the publications... xo

  6. If you still need another person for blog partner, I have added your button to my blog at

    Happy Easter!

  7. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Mellisa, I am so thrilled to have been chosen! Woot! Woot! Can't wait!

    Congratulations to you on having your work published in Creative Jewelry!

    Off to send my info to you!

  8. Oh yum, Reese's mini eggs!
    I am so glad to be chosen and can hardly wait to begin. Congratulations on being first in the line-up in Wire Style 2. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the book. Happy Easter!

  9. LOL!!! @ My Sweet Daughter - let's be careful out there! Congrats on all your yummy publicity and strangely enough I macro'ed chocolate too. I hope you had a Happy Easter!

  10. Congratulations on having your work published in Creative Jewelry!! I am in too. Would love to join you..

  11. YUM! Great pic and SO appropriate. Thanks for participating. Have a great week and CONGRATS!

  12. nice blog... visited here with a smile, take care always... feel free to visits me back at (A Growing Teenager Diary)... thanks ~~~

  13. Not only did the Easter Bunny visit...but yesterday the furnace guy came to clean my know that appointment I made a year ago? Good thing I was unshowered and sitting around in my pajama's any way....

  14. Hi Mellisa! I somehow missed a few posts here. Thank you for including me in the blog partner program. I am excited for the goodies to come for the future. Looking forward to seeing all the loveliness that will happen with your things!
    Congrats on the good publication news!
    Enjoy the day!


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