Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Bunny...

So how many of you forgot to set your clocks forward for this morning? I still haven't done the rest of the clocks in the house but at least we had the alarm set correctly!

This cute little munchkin was hanging out this morning...he was quite unconcerned about my presence and went through his full grooming routine for me...

Pretty sure I haven't actually dropped any pounds and become impossibly fashionable just by carrying my new camera bag but as promised, here is a little peek at it in action!
Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag (Mica)

It has plenty of room for my camera with a lens attached, a second lens, wallet, keys, cell phone, extra battery and memory card, notebook and pen, a few filters and the manual. Here it is with the back zipper opened to increase the interior by about 30%...

There's a nice padded insert that my camera fits in just comfortably and there's enough space for my camera strap to fold up on top. Notice those two little black flaps? Those are the pockets for a cell phone and the extra battery.

Here's the thing for anyone with a larger camera like mine, the insert comes with a handy dandy divider that you would theoretically use to snuggle your extra lens into but when my camera is in the insert there's no room to spare. I figured I'd give you a picture of how it would look with the divider in...use your imagination that there's a camera there too!

I have a solution though, I plan to sew another side on to the divider and make it into a little pocket that will go beside the insert instead.

For those of you who are here for the beads, here's a peek of some of what came out of the kiln yesterday... This interesting glaze has a matte finish and did a neat antiqued kind of effect in places. I said I wanted a glaze that reminded me of the flamingos from my zoo post... I think I almost did it!
Now I must get some work done- I need to start pulling together last minute numbers before our ever so fun trip to the tax man this afternoon. I hope you have something more fun planned!


  1. your bag rocks! the bunny is adorable! and I AM LOVING YOUR NEW BLOG BANNER!
    happy sunday!

  2. Your new banner is great! I love your pup...his eyes are too much!

  3. Your site looks great, as well as the new pieces!!

    Lucky you with the new camera bag and a bunny!

  4. love the new look! really and truly... enjoy that camera! now you have no excuse not to tote it around all of the time!

  5. hmmm, that bag is bigger than I thought it would be and looks perfect for holding several lenses at one time without the camera squooshed in there.

    lurve that new flamingo glaze (you did nail it!) and the new banner!!!

  6. Love the new look of your header!!! ...and you look very chic with your sassy bag - Good Luck with the taxes we went last week - so glad that's over. : )

  7. I have to add my kudos for the new blog banner. Love it!

    I also like that new matte glaze!

  8. Bought it after your review. Love it!

  9. i love this bag, too....but i just know my hair won't look like hers and no way will i get an accent just by carrying it. damn. i'll have to stick with my backpack.


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