Sunday, January 09, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Although I have been glazing and kilning and photoshopping and sorting, I haven't seemed to translate that into a blog post lately. My next post will be filled with new work though, I managed to get a good package of new designs in the mail to submit to Beads 2011 before the deadline and I'm in the process of adding my backlog of work to the website.

So instead of beads, I bring you randomness!

One of my "week of birthday" gifts from the hubster...just in time for Storm Watch 2010 in Southern California! Luckily we all survived our extreme weather (sorry to those of you who actually DO experience such things) and it's now back to a balmy sunny temperature. I realize that I'll probably only wear them once or twice a year but they were just too cute to do without (and were hugely on sale to boot...hee hee snort giggle!).
One of my new projects...possibly as an avoidance tactic for all the things I should be doing but am not. Still, aren't these the sweetest little pins? I used linen fabric that is folded and hand sewn into place then topped with one of my extra (read... random orphan or wonky) ceramic beads. I attached a brooch pin to the back so they can be pinned to a scarf or jacket. What do you think...should I add them to my Etsy shop?

I love the Pioneer Woman blog...much to my surprise, after reading a post or two to the hubster, I discovered that he now follows her blog as honor of his love for chick blogs I gave him this photo on canvas for's one of Ree Drummond's amazing photos of moos on her ranch. I couldn't really get a great picture of it on the wall, it looks much larger in person!I was a little hesitant to have cows overseeing the dinner table but have resolved my concerns by letting them know that everything is chicken :)

And finally, this is why it's a challenge to just make the bed some days! It seems that most of my photos of the pupper involve her sleeping...of course that may be because she moves around too much when she's awake...Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. The floral pins are just adorable! You should list them in your Etsy shop for sure!

    Love your colorful boots and so fun to wear too!

  2. Shoot, I think I missed that bead deadline. I had made a note-to-self at the beginning of December and assured myself there was plenty of time to focus on them after Christmas. Apparently that thought went out the window :|

    LOVE the new boots, the Moos AND the sleeping Nana. They're so sweet when they're sleeping!

  3. Love the boots and the pins and the sleeping dog. The cows made me laugh because we have these books My Cow and My Chicken that we read every night right after we have chicken or hamburgers for dinner. I wonder when she'll figure out they are one in the same. Oh boy!

  4. Those brooches are so sweet and the boots, well? I'd just be hoping for a bit of bad weather just to wear them. Funny, but most of my photos of Alice are of her sleeping because if she's awake it's just a photo of the nose. She loves the camera. Bobster on the other hand is rarely seen in photos. Hates the limelight.

  5. Sweet boots! And I am excited to see what new treasures are coming our way from your kiln!
    Enjoy the day.

  6. Baahahahaha ...I laugh at your bad weather.....we got 28 inches of snow.... and now I will laugh at my weather Baaahahahahaha ...... more is on the way! hahahahaha

  7. I am please to read your post. I like design of shoe. Keep post like this.


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